AADAO Oversight

Thank you to the Cosmos Hub community for electing me to AADAO’s Oversight Committee.
I was onboarded last week.
Here are some key updates:

Office Hours

When: Thursdays from 4pm - 6pm EST / 8pm - 10pm UTC
Where: Cosmonaut HQ Telegram Chat (#AADAO topic channel)

AADAO Github Repo

The AADAO GitHub Repository is now live, providing comprehensive information about the DAO’s history, team, structure, grantees, ventures, and wallets. Previously, grantee information was scattered across multiple channels and reports. I have collaborated closely with @Syed to ensure the GitHub repo and AADAO website now serve as a unified “single source of truth” for the community, particularly regarding publicly available information on grantees and their funded projects.

AADAO is redesigning their website dashboards to improve navigation and information discovery related to grantees. These updates will be released shortly. In the meantime, for a complete view of all grants issued to date, refer to the following links:

Here is a sample capture of what the grantee tables look like in the repo:

Additional Repo Resources

  • Team Roster: For updated information on the AADAO team, including full-time and part-time contributors, visit the team page.
  • Transparency Reports: For an archive of transparency reports (#1-6) and the 2023 Impact Report, visit the transparency reports page. The projected delivery date for Transparency Report #7 is late July. As of May/June 2023, four additional grants have been discontinued. The reason for their discontinuation will be shared in the upcoming transparency report.
  • Venture Program: For information on the AADAO venture program and its investments, please see ventures page.
  • Main Wallets and SubDAO Addresses: For information on AADAO’s main wallets and SubDAO addresses, visit the wallets page.
  • Using Github Issues: I’d like to introduce the GitHub Issues feature to transparently track and address community concerns conveyed to the Oversight Committee (specifically, me). For an example of how to utilize GitHub Issues for this purpose, please see this example: [QUESTION] Batch 5, Grantee - “Multiple Grants in the Infrastructure Domain”.

Additionally, I will be creating a GitHub Issues Template that community members can use to report more substantial concerns or complaints. I aim to complete this template by the end of the week.

If your concern or report is sensitive, and you do not wish to share via public channels, you can email me at grace@atomaccelerator.com

Changes to Grant Reporting

As of June 2024, AADAO will retire the “batch system” for grants. Going forward, grants will be considered and reported on an open application, rolling basis.

I will continue to provide written updates on a monthly or biweekly basis here (have yet to figure out what kind of cadence makes sense).



I am looking forward to your updates.


Updates from Elected Oversight:

Team Meetings:

07/04: Team BiWeekly
07/05: Strat/Comm Weekly

One-on-one meetings will not be included in updates to maintain focus on community-relevant information.

In Conversation:

“In conversation” means approaches and solutions are being discussed. Nothing has been finalized as a matter of policy or procedure. But denotes team awareness and expression of priority in addressing an existing or potential issue.

Inter-organizational Communication:

  • Exploring ways for the Grants subDAO to improve coordination/comms with other funding bodies and or funding programs (e.g., ICF, DoraHacks’ Quadratic Funding)
  • Goal: Prevent duplicate funding or unwarranted supplementary funding
  • Status: Team is aware; proactive discussions are underway

Unsuccessful Grant Applicant Feedback Process:

  • Focusing on enhancing feedback provided to unsuccessful grant applicants
  • Any finalized changes will be announced in this month’s Transparency Report

I’l be taking the lead in authoring the forthcoming Transparency Report #7, projected delivery date is the third week of July.


Yesterday, AADAO published “Navigating Growth: An In-Depth Retrospective on 2023 Grants”, a comprehensive retrospective analysis of 40 grants issued since the commencement of its grant making activities in 2023.

I applaud the reviewers and the greater team for the initiative – 44 pages!

Grant-making in an innovative and niche environment is challenging. The job is not to be perfect, rather to adapt quickly. For a new team operating in a pilot year, one can say the AADAO’s grant completion rate appears to be relatively high. If anyone has industry references for commensurate DAOs and grant completion rates, please share!

AADAO 2023 Grant Program Analysis: Key Insights

Here’s a summary of key takeaways:

1. Grant Overview

  • Total grants awarded: 40
  • Completion status:
    • Completed: 24 (60%)
    • In Progress: 11 (27.5%)
    • Discontinued: 5 (12.5%)
  • Overall completion rate (counting Completed and In Progress): 87.5%

2. Grant Sizes and Completion Rates

  • Range: $9,600 (smallest) to $250,000 (largest)
  • Average grant size: $92,847
  • 62.5% of grants fell between $50,000 and $200,000
  • Completion rates:
    • Smaller grants (under $100,000): 75%
    • Larger grants (over $100,000): 50%
  • Negative correlation observed between grant size and completion likelihood

3. Financial Analysis by Grant Status

  • Completed grants:
    • Average approved amount: $76,562
    • Average paid amount: $75,645 (99.2% of approved)
  • In-progress grants:
    • Average approved amount: $128,538
    • Average paid amount: $61,280 (47.7% of approved)
  • Discontinued grants:
    • Average approved amount: $119,978
    • Average paid amount: $66,295 (55.3% of approved)

4. Key Themes in Grant Descriptions

  • Most frequent terms:
    • “ATOM” (51 mentions)
    • “AEZ” or “ATOM Economic Zone” (25 mentions)

5. Grant Rationale Analysis (“Why did we give the grant?”)

  • Top reasons:
    1. ATOM/AEZ/Cosmos Hub (38 mentions)
    2. Ecosystem development (15 mentions)
    3. General development (14 mentions)
    4. Community support (12 mentions)

6. Lessons Learned Analysis (“What did we learn?”)

  • Key learnings:
    1. Go-to-market (GTM) strategy improvement (12 mentions)
    2. Enhanced communication (9 mentions)
    3. Better KPIs/Milestones (8 mentions)
    4. Improved marketing (7 mentions)
    5. Community engagement (6 mentions)

7. Strategic Insights

  • Strong focus on ecosystem development (37.5% of grant reasons)
  • Emphasis on core Cosmos elements (95% of reasons mentioned ATOM, AEZ, or Cosmos Hub)
  • Community-centric approach (30% of reasons, 15% of learnings)
  • Shift from pure development to strategic considerations
  • Go-to-market strategy emerged as a critical area for improvement (30% of grants)
  • Project management practices need enhancement (42.5% mentioned communication or KPI improvements)
  • Emerging focus on operational improvements and inter-team collaboration
  • Time management identified as an area for improvement

Please also see AADAO’s Cosmos Hub Forum Post

Happy Independence to all who celebrate.



Regardless of changes to the application report presented on a rolling basis, we recommend retaining the quarterly report, a practice we presume would be maintained in parallel. These detailed reports enhance our ability to accurately monitor both quarterly and annual spending.

Nevertheless, we are delighted by your evident dedication to your role since your election and eagerly anticipate your future transparency reports.
Thanks for reading,


Hey there,
The Transparency Reports will be maintained in parallel.

The migration to a rolling system will not effect any changes to the Transparency Reports, which have been historically published at a frequency rate of every 8 - 10 weeks.

For instance, we are on track to publish Transparency Report #7 next week, Transparency Report #6 was delivered mid-May.

When I say grants are to be considered, approved, and announced on an open and rolling basis, it means just that. It does not imply that other (hitherto) routinized reporting is being absconded with. It just means that as grants are being approved, grantee + funded scope to be announced via AADAO’s primary social socials (mainly Twitter) as they happen.

Every TP will provide summary overview of the most recent /"newer"grants issued (grants that were uncovered in the previous TP).

On a related note, one can access all the TPs and extraordinary reporting, e.g., last year’s “Impact Report” (annual report) and “Navigating Growth: An In-Depth Retrospective on 2023 Grants” from the AADAO GitHub Repo, here.

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