[ANN] Tendermint KMS v0.8: Tendermint v0.33 support

Tendermint Key Management System (KMS) , a.k.a. tmkms, is a signature service with support for Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), such as YubiHSM2 and Ledger Nano S . It’s intended to be run alongside Cosmos Validators, ideally on separate physical hosts, providing defense-in-depth for online validator signing keys, double signing protection, and functioning as a central signing service that can be used when operating multiple validators in several Cosmos Zones.

We’ve just released a v0.8.0-alpha1 with initial support for Tendermint v0.33, which can be used simultaneously in conjunction with pre-Tendermint v0.33 chains (e.g. cosmoshub-3, columbus-3) by toggling a configuration option. See the example config file for the notation:

We’re presently running the v0.8.0-alpha1 release in production (albeit with the “legacy” support) and are looking for more people to do initial testing on Tendermint v0.33 chains before we cut a final release.

Please try it out and let us know!

Running at figment on legacy chains.

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We’ve just published a v0.8.0-rc0 release which includes some exciting new features we intend to announce after a final v0.8.0 release.

In the meantime, we’d love any feedback on this RC before a final release. We’re presently running it in production on cosmoshub-3 and columbus-3.

tmkms v0.8.0 final is out. You can read the release announcement here: