Citizen Cosmos - Validator Profile

Who are you?
We are Citizen Cosmos. We help to validate a few networks. Recently moving to become a layer 0 (community) bridge between the 2 biggest ecosystems for now, Cosmos and Ethereum. We use our podcast, educational content, guides, events as means to help spread the love and the news about the benefits of these networks (that we support) to the outside world. We are a small team that uses a web3 business model of monetization to support what we do. If a network meets our values, we validate and help them via the tools available to us. Sometimes it can be helping to form a partnership, sometimes to hold an event, sometimes to explore the network via our podcast and interviews. If the network likes our work and sees value, they can delegate to us. That helps us to stay afloat.

What are your goals / motivation?
Our motivation is decentralization and freedom of speech. Or goal is to create a working web3 business model on a project that brings public good. In pour case, we consider our ecosystem development to be that public good. The knowledge that our guests share to be our motivation. And the business model and the lack of jurisdictions to be a success in terms of web3 business model. Our goal is to help decentralization evolve.

What’s in it for me?
Rewards… By staking with a validator, you are entitled to earn network rewards, that can be claimed once per block. We are a noncustodial service, meaning you own your keys, your crypto and will be entitled to receive most airdrops (here we cannot be responsible as it is up to the project that drops to choose the rules, but we usually qualify by all points in the networks we validate). In the future, we might issue extra rewards to our delegators and launch a DAO, which will allow you to help us govern the project.

What networks do you validate?
Currently, we validate Cosmos hub, Bostrom (Cyber) and Evmos. The latter 2, we validate since genesis. On Cosmos hub, to our knowledge, we were the first non-technical project to receive a grant from the ICF in 2020 for our achievements. We don’t validate a lot of networks, because we don’t see the purpose in that. We would rather know that we are bringing value to those networks we do validate, then go for quantity. In the nearest future, we plan to validate ETH 2.0.

How do I delegate to you?
Easy-peasy. You can use Keplr, find Citizen Cosmos on the desired network and delegate or follow the guides here.

Where can I find more info about you / follow your work?


Hi there, we invite you to take part in the first Citizen Cosmos community call. We will discuss general things. Please join it. Here the details:

Welcome to our Discord: 📞 21/10, 17.00 UTC General Voice Channel