Cosmos Ecosystem CREW3 program for education of the Community

Крутой проект ! Отличная команда ! Позитивная и доступная подача материала в Youtube! Cosmos лучшие !!!

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Love Cosmos. Long time user. But I have ZERO friends and DOUBT I can get a single person invited. I couldnt even get my friends and family to sign up for Coinbase or anything like that and when they finally did sign up didnt bother to get my referral. Im no influencer on myself much less anyone else. I was obsolete before I was born. So please remove the requirement to invite people for the staking quests because Im a LONG time staker of Atoms

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Amazing! Peolpe need to be more educated about crypto. Cosmos is my favorite.

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This Crew3 will change all the game and crypto, Cosmos like a second God in the world . I am so exited to take a part in this big ecosystem…!

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great article and the crew3 move it perfectt, great work team

Like that ecosystem, want to participate in it

I think this project will have a great future.

What do you hope to get out of this?
Because this feels largely like spam on the forum and I am kinda surprised this has not been closed as a thread yet.

The quality of posts here is simply appalling…

If we are talking about trying to get free marketing, then this feels like it. I do have to agree with @Alice


Thanks for this cwer3. We`ll lean more about cosmos!

Вполне годно, идея отличная

Hey, I posted this as a comment on Bro_n_bro’s posts about this on the sub, after I went and played around with the site alittle bit. And I wanted to post it here too, since I just saw it as a discussion.

I like this idea alot, but I do believe the screenshots, writing answers takes away from some of the “crypto” feel. I feel like claiming the quests, should be automatic upon clicking claim. Example is for the “Install Keplr” quest, I should simply be able to claim, the program checks through extensions or somehow checking to see if the device I am using, has installed Keplr, and then send the reward immediately. I am a believer that crypto games, quests, tasks, or challenges need to have automatic systems in every capacity, and if something would require a screenshot or form of verification, outside of the scope of the program, then it probably should not be included.

However, I want to say that I love this idea, like alot! I feel like it could be a seriously amazing way to make daily user interaction with the Cosmos, a fun and meaningful way to learn, or learn and earn type of situation. We need this type of program, so that way new users can be incentivized to learn.

One question I have regarding XP, is it redeemable for anything? I thing making it redeemable for crypto, an NFT or making it unlock “special functionality” within the ecosystem would be a fun add into the system. Maybe so much XP earns someone a special commission discount with Bro_n_bro validator? Adding a real world use case to this already intriguing idea of doing tasks to earn XP, could be a really awesome way to incentivize usage of the site, usage of the chains and the marketing of the validators brand and general brand awareness.

I’m not 100% on whether Crew3 is a Bro_n_bro creation or if you guys are just using it as a community platform, as I have never heard of it. But I do feel like there is a market for Cosmos, especially for a validator to create a platform to do quests and tasks, and use this to build brand awareness as well. I feel like that would be extremely beneficial marketing, as well as a great way to encourage usage of the Cosmos Hub or other chains, through daily tasks that lead to automatically executing rewards. That is a platform I would personally use and feel like many others would as well.

As always , great work! Cosmos forward!!

Дуже сподіваюсь на класне ознайомлення зі спільнотою!

I echo your sentiment that this post is just spam in the forum. I don’t think this is the type of engagement we should be striving for here imho. I do understand the intention of the Crew3 initiative and I don’t have anything against using it; I do think it can be done better with proper planning in place, as @Alice has mentioned. Having a proper structure for these kinds of things is important. Not because “elitism” but because without a structure and appointed moderation you get the chaos we see now.

I don’t see any intention of good faith discussion either, as evident by the responses to Alice that do everything but address the concerns.


wonderful project !!
I hope join to ecosystem

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Good idea! Long time ago i felt need to diging tonnes of information about it but now all are concluded and checked here. It is usefull for contributors and people who want know more. Thank for your work!

Amazing project, this project is very good and this projector has a lot of attractions, so hopefully the project will be better in the future☺

For two years I have been a member of this great project and day after day I am more proud because I belong to this great entity I am with you on the space journey and traveling through the cosmos.

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This is the best community, I am very glad that it is now on the crew3

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I hope this community will be of benefit to the Cosmos ecosystem and the founder appreciates it

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