Cosmos network parameters

I’m trying to access general Cosmos network parameters and validators activity to be able monitor and conveniently display it to Cosmos community.

However, there’s not too much documentation at the moment. Some of that parameters are displayed by, but the website is server-rendered, so it’s not possible to track the resources of that information.

Maybe there someone around who can clarify the following:

  1. What is the {…, “tokens”: “154/23”, …} parameter in validator JSON object? I believe the quotient of the division is voting power, but what do the numerator and denominator mean?

  2. Where can I access the information about token transfers?

  3. Where can I access the information about the network total supply?

Any feedback is appreciated.

I am not able to play on the iOS device and tried to troubleshoot it from the assistance of but it did not help me. What should I do for the network issue ???