Dark matter and quantgravitation

Time arrow in empty space

In empty space particles are moved due the quantum fluctuations in the dark energy. Quantum fluctuations are caused by matter and anti-matter appearing in equal amounts thereby propelling particles.

It is considered that time moves backwards in anti-matter (Feynmans diagram). Therefor in empty space no time exists since particles move the same amount forward and backwards in time and the sum of times arrows are zero.

This explains why the value of the probability calculations are exact right if particles are taking every possible way between two points, (by Feynman’s path-integral) this also explains why particles seem to know that they are going to be measured and react accordingly.

Past, present and future exists all at the same time since time doesn’t move in empty space and the entropy in dark energi is constant. ( Quantum fluctuations in the dark energy mean maximum disorder

which means that time disappears )

Dark Matter.

The dark energy consists of quantum fluctuations with both matter and antimatter, both react to the gravity space-time curvature acceleration. The galaxies are therefore attracting the dark energy (matter) which also are subject to the acceleration at same time.

This means additional mass which also slows down time according to Einstein’s formulas for acceleration and gravity.

All this would explain why galaxies seem to spin too fast according to the visible mass.

Space -time curvature

The 4 th dimension of space-time curvature is the acceleration (gravity) that acts on the quantum fluctuations in the dark energy in empty space. It is the effect of gravity on the quantum fluctuations in the dark energy in empty space that constitutes what we call the space-time curvature in the 4th dimension.

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Ps. The theory is easy to test in reality.It means that space-time curvature occurs immediatly and not at the speed of light

Because no time exist in the dark energy, this open the possibility of communication immediately across the whole universe using quantum fluctuations in the dark energy.

Because there is no time in the quantum fluctuations of dark enegy (empty space) , has the dark

energy (empty space) no expanded at all , but is still there in the center of Big Bang.

(v x t = s) when t = zero .

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