Draft: Cosmos hub -> Gaia

Vote yes to officially use the name gaia

A network of blockchains is going to have a lot of hubs by necessity. Hubs will then form high traffic routes between each other. The best example of this is, of course osmosis channel zero, hub channel 141. In my mind, this means that there are at least two hubs, and the reality is that guy is just a better name. Cosmos hub is something that could sit on your desk.

Gaia is a distinctive and beautiful name, calling forth representations of a loving mother spirit.

This proposal only contains a yes option to ensure that it is clean and easy to read. All reasoning about the proposal should be done here in the forum, or on Twitter.

The upside that I see is that Gaia is a distinctive hub. She is not a piece of networking equipment. She is special and beautiful and kind.

I think that there is a real downside to this, which is the potential cost of changing naming and branding and the like. The upshot of this is that we can position Gaia as a defender in a new digital era.

One of the arguments about renaming theorizes that renaming could hurt brand value. The thing is, I just do not believe that. I believe that renaming reflects evolution and the overall success of the network.

I also disagree with the thesis that the name is all the hub has, it will soon have much more, as will the other hubs.

For now, I’m going to change the proposal title to draft.