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Amazing news!

How can we help with gaia-9002 ?


Thank a lot for your help. But now how can I join into the gaia-9002 network testing? If I can get tokens.


hey @MichelleL,

We sent an email to, and just wanted to confirm that our cosmos address was received properly for username zednode.

Our address is: cosmos1anrnemrx8tcy6f5zy2ukleweyg8m3v823qg87d



Thanks for the info and keep up this


Hi, is it still possible to apply for game of stakes? I have a perfect hardened server for this purpose.
Thank you


Hi @MichelleL could you please look into my username @sambady , I just uploaded a new version of the waiver.


This issue basically thwarts my strategy for starting Game of Stakes centralized and then decentralizing it after the game has started.

Options are either change the startup plan for a more de-centralized start or fix that issue.

I am leaning towards planning a decentralized start

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We recently sent an email to GoS players, if you didn’t receive it - check out the Game of Stakes Github repo for details


Hi @MichelleL, I didn’t receive the email but my address is in the genesis file. I guess that’s ok, isn’t it?


Yes, if you are in it all is good and you have checked and been following the repo. There were about 15 people or so for whom we didn’t have an email address - this could explain why. Good luck!


Hi. Zaki, I have a question about GoS victory criteria.
I read about victory criteria of GoS in github repo.

To determine the winners, Tendermint will primarily consider the uptime (precommit votes on the blockchain) of the validators (operated by the original GoS signup accounts), rather than the total bonded stake or total amount of atoms held. This means that delegating or transferring stake from Sybil accounts does not directly lead to winning.

In this paragraph, the uptime(precommit votes on the blockchain) is the most important thing in GoS.
I understand consequtive downtime means a “break” of validator, but occasional missing block happens because of geological difference and deep level of sentry architecture for the strong security. And also, occasional missing block does not affect the total rewards because DelAccum increases even if a validator misses precommit.

So, my question is that, is “the occasional(=not consequtive) missing blocks” also the crucial part of the victory criteria of GoS? In this case, validators in remote location should consider temporarily moving their validator server to the United States, and also need to make sentry architecture less deep so that it does not miss many precommits.

Thank you for your concern here Zaki.

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What we are expecting to see in GoS, is that users will accumulate large amounts of stake and start censoring either on their own via cartels.

Acquiring stake is still very important to win because accumulating relative stake enables less coordination among cartels.


Related discussion:

@bharvest raises a good point - since an uptime metric will include occasional missed blocks, it will incentive centralization, making the GoS less realistic.

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Everyone participating in the GoS, please have a look here and join the discussion:

It is basically a proposal to delay GoS until we have a stable release with a testnet running for a at least week without any major bugs.


I recalled the original plan was to have a stable testnet for a week before the start of GoS, so postponing now makes sense.

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A slight reminder to all fellow participants: Game of Stakes 3 will start in 4 hours (January 3rd, 15:00 UTC)! Time to get ready!

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Hey guys,

just wanted to update you that Game of Stakes will end 2 weeks after the upcoming hardfork upgrades. Let’s see what exciting stuff will happen in those two weeks :slight_smile:

Source from Telegram:

Link to the confirmation on Riot:!$


Hey guys,

exciting news for everyone interested in the Game of Stakes:

In the process of the newest upgrade to GoS4 (mainly because of major upgrades in the software), a pull request has been filed on github to fork out a cartel that has gained 53% of bonded stake in GoS3. If you are interested in what exactly is happening check out the PR or read directly into the analysis of how the cartel was detected in this great article by Certus One!

Stay updated!
Florian from Staking Facilities


Hey guys,

Game of Stakes is soon coming to an end. Today, at 12:00 UTC GoS6 is started and with it the endgame begins. GoS6 will conclude on 00:00 UTC on Saturday Feb 16th and with it this fantastic experiment will end.

You can as always find all necessary information on Github.

All the best,
Florian from Staking Facilities

PS: There are only 3 consecutive posts from the same user allowed in this forum. Since no one else is posting updates in this thread, I can’t post new posts anymore. Therefore, I added this info as an edit to my last post.


a bridge for katenoir :laughing:

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