[GWG] Community Spend Best Practices

As per the deliverables for Prop23, I’ve initiated the Community Spend Best Practices: https://github.com/gavinly/CosmosCommunitySpend

I’ve begun by developing this into more of a ‘Community Spend wiki,’ which means that it will likely be more than just a best practices doc.

Please take a look and advise if you have any critical feedback :pray:

I’m a fairly new Github user–please do not hesitate to provide feedback, even if it’s not about the substance of the doc itself.


Made substantial updates to this documentation:

The ‘best practices’ section is roughly complete. This part may be subjective, so I’d appreciate feedback from different perspectives. I think I’ll want to add a section to make recommendations about what information may be expected in the on-chain description.

The more technical part for submitting a finished draft proposal on-chain is roughly complete. I’ll need to proofread this to refine details.

Thank you for sharing this @Gavin will read :grinning: :grinning:

just writing down my version of best practice.

  1. payment should be sent each month with “increasing” proportional amount
  • for example : if the work is for 3 month, payment will be 20%, 30%, 50% each end of the month
  • reason : to reduce grant exposure of the project from the risk of failure or poor quality
  1. grant halt challenge governance proposal
  • this proposal is asking community to “halt” the grant schedule of selected grant project.
  • if the proposal passes, all related future grant sending will be indefinitely halted
  • usually if project goes well, this challenge governance proposal will not exist at all

i think these are technically not very difficult. easy to implement.
happy to hear any opinion on my version.


@bharvest Do you envision #1 as in-protocol functionality that could then be selected when creating a proposal?

Do you envision #2 as a coin vote? Whereby someone submits a proposal to halt fund disbursal and the community votes.

  1. Yes. Scheduled payment should be implemented as a new feature on governance module

  2. Not sure what is coin vote? But yes. Anyone can propose a challenge and community vote for it.

i describe possible payment schedule assuming “exponentially increasing accumulated payment”

accumulated payment(%) = (exp(t/N) - 1) / (e - 1)
t = monthly period (1,2, …, N)
N = entire payment period (N months)

so, monthly payment will be
payment at end of t-th month = {(exp(t/N) - 1) - (exp((t-1)/N) - 1)} / (e - 1)


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As per Cosmos Hub Prop23, here is v1.0 of the ‘Community Spend Best Practices’ doc: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/Qmbh8Q4bFTzavaBR9gpF93YpPEr1TjBPahe5SAmtCdVWzF

Templates included in appendix. Would love feedback to make improvements!