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There is a group of sites that allow you to buy digital currencies for a cheap price and among the best of these sites that I have seen is
Offers more than 55% discounts in some currencies as well as they send your currency to you in less than 10-15 minutes
They sell 0.13 ether for 0.002 Bitcoin
0.13 Ether=26 usd and 0.002 Bitcoin=19 usd
so profit is 7 usd
and if you want to increase your profit you can buy 0.71 Ether for 0.009 Bitcoin or 4.84 Ether for 0.05
another example
They sell 0.71 Ether for 0.009 Bitcoin
0.71 Ether=145 usd for and 0.009 Bitcoin=85 usd
so profit is 60 usd
word of thanks is enough

website link:https://www.xchange-coin.ga/
my last transactions with this platform