Interchain Security 3rd Party Audit

I think that this thread is going to form a very valuable resource for information about audit organizations who are capable of auditing Cosmos code.

I would like to formally and bluntly request that we rule out any auditor who has not previously worked on Cosmos code because I do not believe that they would be able to make an effective audit on a reasonable timescale.


Is a contest between auditors feasible ?

I’ve seen Axelar ($50k - april2022), and Gravity ($100k - august2021) doing this that way.

I honestly don’t know if it’s efficient, but i think it’s worth exploring this path. Isn’t it ?

I don’t really think so and I think that we’re already talking about a higher ticket price

Yeah yeah, it has to be way higher for what we’re talking about here.
Was just curious about the concept.

Fair points raised here. I’m in agreement with what you’ve said and we should focus on those who have some familiarity with the Cosmos stack.

I think having a twitter space to iron out some of these details would be beneficial given the timeline we need.

Finally a potential CF allocation that makes a lot of sense.

As long as there are no conflict of interest, the auditor is chosen publicly and propositions of all potentials auditors are publicly shared can be seen by anyone.

The only issue I have is the timing with ICS release, we’d need to make sure it won’t block any process/ put any disorder in all current work done.

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We are trying to put it forward in a way that won’t inhibit any progress or timelines for ICS. There already was an audit conducted on ICS by a separate team at Informal so this 3rd party audit would just be supplementary. Always better to have a second look-through and opinion on the code especially of this scale.

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