Introducing the Cosmos Governance Working Group

My priority will be completing the deliverables, and I intend to go above beyond those. I think that documenting on the forum is a good suggestion (thanks!). I’ll endeavour to do this, but I can’t update the proposal to reflect that and I cannot guarantee that I will able to keep up with transcribing from the Telegram channel to the forum.

Some comments on the milestones:

  • Proposal is focused around best practices for proposals on parameter changes and community spend. There are other possible types of proposals, such as chain upgrades, vision for hub etc. Will best practices for such proposals be tackled at a later stage or will we also attempt to address these?
  • The milestones come with very specific deadlines, which will probably be hard to maintain due to general lag in getting feedback (including this specific feedback). Some of the deadlines occur before the voting for the proposal is actually over and before the date for the first GWG call. I would suggest that as part of the best practices we should account for this by ensuring that deliverable dates start after the proposal has passed, to allow for meaningful feedback to be incorporated.
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Yes, though I imagine that chain upgrade proposals will become much simpler once the module for on-chain upgrades is active on the Cosmos Hub. I don’t know what role the GWG should have in terms of the Hub’s vision–I look forward to discussions about the GWG’s political role.

Would love to chat more with you about deadlines vs voting period & feedback. I see these deliverables as living documents that will likely need many revisions as the culture and technology develop.

I don’t think we need adjust by geographically. but there should have a competition, for example, if my budget is 10k for a project and other team can do this project in extremely low price, say 5-6k, then they will get funding.