List of projects in Cosmos & Tendermint Ecosystem

As I stated before informations provided by you are not complete and can’t be used for listing untill supplied in full.

Also would advise to review your marketing practices [mirror]

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We will provide you, in the coming days, with the necessary information, to the extent to which that information doesn’t include or violate any NDA documentation.

We appreciate if in the future, any mention or reference to our project will be made solely after acquiring an official point of view from our part as well.

Perfect, looking forward to new updates.

Summary: at best, Co-DEX is run by a moron, and at worst, is a scam. Thanks!

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It looks like Boid is using EOS and not Cosmos/Tendermint.

:+1: will ask on their telegram and investigate

Apparently defunct:

  • 50Coin (site is down)
  • Cache (site is down)
  • Pallium (parent company is still around, but no longer working on Pallium)
  • Cosmic Bridge (zero evidence anything even exists)
  • Egeon (no activity, and what little activity exists points at Ethereum)
  • Wisdom of Crowd (no activity at all, no promises of activity, zero)
  • Volvox (all repos deleted, website is down)

Not related to Tendermint:

  • Band Protocol (shifted to Ethereum)
  • OpenST (the proof is completely incorrect, it simply mentions they recognize the work of Tendermint; this is entirely an Ethereum project)

We should definitely remove these - I can see most of the projects I listed as defunct in my previous post are still up. I can also see someone else posted that many of these are defunct. Please remove them. If you give me the proper rights, I can do that. The list as it currently stands is far from accurate.

It also looks like isn’t up.

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Thank you for the list, will update as new projects come and go all the time. Unfortunately it is not possible to give multiple people permission to edit AFAIK, however there is a good chance all this will be moved to github then things will be different.

Hey @asmodat, Akash is misspelled as “Acash”. Will be great if you can correct it. Akash is the sanskrit term for æther (basis and essence of all things in the material world).

We’d love to run on Akash as a token of appreciation

Fixed, also added a graphical logo for your project

It would be really cool, it was a nodejs app, can Akash handle that too ?

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thanks so much! not a priority, but will be really great if you can use our new logo Akash-icon-RGB-300px (also available
we updated our branding recently and thought we erased the old one out of existence :slight_smile:

perfect! akash can run any containerized application; and thanks to cosmos, you’ll able to pay using any token very soon

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Logo is now fixed, got the previous one from google.

What we would need to do is create CI/CD pipeline that can use github directly, maybe integration with Heroku could be added ? Source Code for that is open source

absolutely, there is a bit “containerization” overhead involved - will be a great start if you point me to the source repo.

all code is in here:

This is a great list. I am so excited, and happy this vision for a better way is coming and I didn’t have to do anything but wait and be patient. I also have a million and a half ideas for getting a ecosystem established and all of my ideas are open source. I love COSMOS so I will be giving them out here.

great! will send you the link soon