[POLL] Should we consider redirecting ICS rewards?

I tend to agree that some research needs to be tackled to address the subject of ICS rewards issues. It’s not just a matter of these rewards being insignificant for some stakers; there are broader concerns, such as the potential increase in costs associated with claiming ATOM staking rewards.

I looking forward to see the outcomes of the future studies!

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Just auto-swap it for ATOM on Neutron before it hits the distribution module and pay delegates in ATOM.


reduce the community tax, redirect ICS revenues to the community pool?

so validators 5x taxes on delegators to grant farm the CP, and are now discussing redirecting the dissapointing ICS rewards into the CP instead of
delegators who have seen nothing in return for the taxes validators force them to pay?

How is reducing delegator rewards, again, going to make ATOM more appealing as a staking asset?

I imagine it needs more gaz fees to do that ?