Poor stewardship of ICF funded public goods

Hi, this is just in advance of our routine report to the community pertaining to proposal 104.

It is unfortunate duty to let the hub community know that we have gotten zero systems with any matter at any time for any reason from informal systems ever since they asked us to upgrade to hub to 47, and we began finding line for line changes of ours in their PRs and branches.

You can check out ICS, PR. 812, pieces of which showed up in an informal systems branch shortly thereafter.

Response times when working with informal systems are typically over a week, and the majority of the time they’ll just respond with a zinger, like this:

I guess that also since I am making a report, might as well update you guys on what we gotten done in the past month, although our team member Robin, is going to be providing a more detailed item by item report.

Basically we have finished SDK 47 for ICS, and have been requesting various forms of review for over 5 weeks.

This experience has been extremely strange for our team, because even though we have worked in difficult conditions before, we most certainly have never had anybody that we work with, and by the way, I want to make very clear, notional works for the hub not informal and we do not take orders from them at any time for any reason, we will always do what we feel is best for the hub. they give orders tho.

They also do not reply to queries. Response times when working with them. Have been over one week in most cases and the quality of responses has been. Let’s say so poor as to be useless or in many cases, harmful.

We proudly contribute to numerous chains in cosmos.

This stuff does not happen elsewhere. Please note that my organization has no non-disclosure agreement of any type at any time for any reason with informal systems and that yes, I was requested not to share content from these conversations but I feel it’s quite important for the community to know.

Anyway, here’s our half baked work:

It’s a lot of work and it’s not done yet. And we have requested since March 23rd, a conversation about possible changes needed to the cosmos SDK or IBC.

Just like, many other things that have not occurred.

what has occurred is that we’ve noticed that precise mind for line changes that we have made to software, have ended up in branches and PRs from informal, without attribution, whilst informal team members feel emboldened to be directly verbally abusive to our team. If you require additional information on this matter to shape decisionmaking, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Hi everyone,

We have merged a large number of Notional’s PRs over the past month. You can see them here.

We also commented on many more of Notional’s PRs with suggestions for improvement.

Many of the PRs Notional has submitted are changes like code formatting settings and how tests are displayed on Github. While we appreciate all contributions to improve the codebase, the team at Informal Systems is currently pushing to launch the first Replicated Security consumer chain, and have been trying to manage their time to both work on this critical directive and fully debate the merits of formatting and test display choices.

The team at Informal Systems are the folks who’ve designed and built ICS and bringing this capability to the Hub. We encourage each and every one of you to take a peek at the repo and if you have any questions please come join us in our weekly Twitter Spaces ‘Informal Spaces’, we’re launching public community dev calls soon. If you have any other spaces you think we should meet you in, let us know that too.

Sir, I am not talking about those.

And I am not talking about your turnaround on PR’s. If you’d like to maintain that you have adequate turnaround times with our team, I’ll prove the matter further.

Do you also deny that there have been several line for line exact changes from our work that have entered Informal’s work without attribution?

Additional matters pending wrt stewardship, given the situation in hub discord currently.

Are you denying that you personally asked us to upgrade the hub to sdk 47, then said we shouldn’t and that during that time we found exact changes from our work, in a branch made by Marius?

Is it possible that you’re deflecting from the reality that your team has been unspeakably rude and is currently in direct contravention of proposal 104, or the fact that I needed to make a go mod tidy pr on the cosmos hub yesterday?

You also seem to be ignoring the fact that we have finished an SDK-47 upgrade for ICS and we’ve been asking you for review of it for 5 weeks.

The bulk of the work hasn’t gone into code formatting changes nor are we asking for credit for code formatting changes though we claim that they do improve the repository meaningfully.

Anyone can have a look there, it preserves Marius’ borrowing of nationals work without attribution.

Do you, like your team member Greg, @jtremback feel that our work has been half-baked, maybe half baked enough to make PR’s into the cosmos-sdk without attribution for after telling us that it wasn’t necessary?

And by the way, how in God’s name are you going to go and blame me for fixing the easy stuff that the so-called stewards don’t attend to?

I mean seriously

Then we got this gem

Just a few more little examples:

I think that it’s really important to note that all of the issues seem to stem from this individual Marius, and not from the entire informal systems team.

I will also mention that notional has requested calls countless times and not a single one has occurred.

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