[PROPOSAL #72][ACCEPTED] Bringing Liquid Staking and DeFi to the Cosmos Hub with Interchain Security

Hey David,

Thanks for your thoughtful questions! Responding in order:

  • There are about 1M ATOMs in the community pool right now: Grafana
  • I did mean to say ~$500K worth of ATOMs. I actually just edited it to peg it to ATOM amount, so 50k ATOMs. Thanks for noticing the error. Fixed :slight_smile:
  • The proposal is meant to incentivize contract consumer chains launching and here, the terms, “custom contract chain” and "contract consumer chain” are being used interchangeably though I will edit to use the correct official terminology: contract consumer chain. Thanks for pointing this error out (again!)

In terms of insight into projects the Managing Committee is considering - we will be sure to keep the community updated on ongoing discussions on which projects we’re keen to see leverage this grant, though to move fast we don’t plan for each funding decision to go to an onchain vote (up to 3) as this would seriously impact our ability to deploy funds.