[PROPOSAL 77][DRAFT] Fund incentives for the Interchain Security Incentivized testnet – Game of Chains – from the Community Pool

eazy YESH YESH! lovb dis :heart:

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Happy to see the idea of compensating participants in this crucial testing and excited for the testnet to get started!! Lots of important work will be done during this time to make sure we are ready to bring this to the world.

Cosmos Spaces is ready to compete as well!

Looking at the success of the previous held “Game of XXXX” it would be weird to say we shouldn’t :slight_smile:

Small bit of voting power, but would happily support this one.

Unfortunately got delayed:

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Will those who don’t participate be slashed?

I like what Billy says the other day. Putting validators through the ringer. We (ChainTools) have not pushed for the hub as of yet. Wondering if we can we participate in the testnet for some training so we are better prepped for 2.0? Cheers. Highlander

It still needs professional personnel to review. As a project willing to participate in ICS testing, I believe that it is already worth the trust, but it still needs to be reviewed.