[PROPOSAL #94][PASSED] Fund incentives for the Interchain NFTs Public Incentivized Testnets of Game of NFTs

Change Log

  • 2022.12.12 - Posted First Initiative Draft - Signal Proposal

  • 2022.12.23 - Updated to Community Pool Proposal

  • 2022.12.26 - Added Recipient Address

Dear Cosmonauts,

I’m Haifeng Xi, CTO of Bianjie and creator of the Interchain NFTs (ICS-721) specification. After the discussion and feedback we had from the community on the Game of NFTs in the last few days, we would like to update the proposal and seek feedback and approval from the community to fund incentives for Game of NFTs Phase 1 Incentivized Testnets, to reward testnet participants.

Below is the full proposal. We would like to have feedback from the community and discuss to co-create the event.


The Game of NFTs (GoN) is an event proposed as a joint effort by multiple Cosmos teams, aiming to test the Interchain NFTs feature and build applications on top of it, which will have 2 phases: a) public incentivized testnets and b) a hackathon. This event is expected to happen in Q1 2023.

This is a community pool spend proposal seeking approval to fund 20000 ATOMs worth of incentives for the Game of NFTs Phase 1 - Interchain NFTs incentivized testnets - to reward participants.

Background - Interchain NFTs

The Interchain NFTs technology can facilitate interoperability and expands the capabilities of IBC by allowing cross-chain NFT interoperability between IBC-enabled chains, which is the work of multi-team efforts supported by the Interchain Foundation.

With collaborative efforts from ICF, IRISnet, Gravity Bridge, Stargaze, Ark Protocol and many community teams, it has Cosmos SDK and CosmWasm implementations that can be easily adopted by Cosmos SDK Chains including Cosmos Hub or CosmWasm Chains to expand their interconnections across the ecosystem.

In November 2022, the first IBC NFT transfer between two test chains using different implementations of ICS721 was successfully executed on testnets. This marked a significant step forward for the IBC NFT ecosystem demonstrating the NFT interoperability between Cosmos SDK (Go) and CosmWasm (Rust) chains.

NFTs have now captured the attention of various industries as well as Cosmos stakeholders. Similar to fungible tokens, if NFTs are just tied to one blockchain, the number of transactions and size of the NFT market would be restricted. To remedy this and unleash the next level of Cosmos NFT, high connectivity and interoperability are required. This is where Interchain NFTs enter the picture. We believe that Interchain NFTs and the community collaboration around them are expanding the mindshare and market share for Cosmos.

More details about Interchain NFTs: Interchain NFTs are Coming to Cosmos | by Interchain | The Interchain Foundation | Medium

Game of NFTs

The Interchain NFTs technology requires rigorous testing with the community involved. To boost the IBC NFT ecosystem, we’re proposing to launch a Game of NFTs event, which will build on the success of previous programs including Game of Stakes and Game of Zones, as well as the ongoing Game of Chains. The event is expected to have two phases:

  • Phase 1: Public Incentivized Testnets, for chains and service providers to test around Interchain NFTs. This phase is scheduled for around February 2023.
  • Phase 2: A Hackathon, for developers to create tools, dApps and use cases around Interchain NFTs. This phase is scheduled for around March 2023.

Public Incentivized Testnets - Phase 1

Many talented teams are contributing to the IBC NFT ecosystem, and have plans to deploy this Interchain NFTs technology. To facilitate wide adoption and successful deployment to capture more value to the Interchain, Phase 1 of the Game of NFTs event is designed to provide mainnet-like environments for purposes on a) testing the performance and capability of Interchain NFTs feature, and b) building trust in Interchain NFTs and preparing for its deployment in the mainnet environments.

The Interchain NFTs technology is crucial to facilitate interoperability and use cases of IBC, and will capture more value and use cases for both Cosmos-SDK and Wasm chains in Cosmos. By bringing this proposal up, we believe in the Interchain, Cosmos Hub is always a pioneer that takes the lead to pays attention to innovative technologies and public goods that can enhance IBC, Cosmos SDK and more underlying technologies, which is crucial to Cosmos Hub, Cosmos chains and also the Interchain. We would like to bring more value to the Interchain and there is no better way to do this than by having support from Cosmos Hub to Cosmos teams and communities to join the testing and improve this technology jointly.

For this reason, we believe it’s crucial to have testnets environment for Cosmos teams and communities to participate, as well well to reward participants who help contribute through the testing to the Interchain, we’re seeking community approval for 20K ATOMs withdrawn for the community pool as incentives for the GoN Phase 1 - Public Incentivized Testnet.

  • 50% (10K ATOM) of the prize pool will be reserved for Phase 1 participants who complete Public Incentivized Testnet tasks with a set point system that is allocated based on their scores. These tasks and the point system will be published at the launch of the testnet.
  • The remaining 50% (10K ATOM) will be reserved for bonuses to Phase 1 participants who help identify bugs or performance issues or help develop new tools and monitoring solutions at the discretion of the board of judges
  • Funds will be managed by a 2/3 multisig committee
  • Any unused funds will be returned to the community pool

Game of NFTs is a joint effort by the Interchain ecosystem, so certainly, in addition to the support from the Cosmos community pool to advance the infrastructure and underlying technology, there will be various support from Cosmos projects such as IRISnet, Stargaze, Juno and other teams, and also from organizations such as IDG Capital and HashKey Capital. There will be multi-team support from their community pools, to sponsor the prize pool of Phase 2 Hackathon that is boosting applications on top of this infrastructure and technology.

Through collaborative efforts of the Cosmos teams and community, this whole event will bring out verified Interchain NFTs infrastructure and technology that can be simply used and adopted by Cosmos chains, and prompt the creation of various pioneer applications using the technology, which together will create a complete IBC NFT ecosystem from bottom-up for the Interchain, and quickly expand the mind and market share for Cosmos.

Board of Judges

  • Susannah Evans | IBC Product Lead, ICF
  • Haifeng Xi | CTO, Bianjie
  • Shane Vitarana | Co-founder, Stargaze
  • Deborah Simper | Co-founder, Gravity Bridge
  • Jeffrey Hu | Tech Lead, HashKey Capital

Multisig Committee

  • Haifeng Xi | CTO, Bianjie
  • Michael Scotto | Bridge Engineer, Stargaze
  • Jeffrey Hu | Tech Lead, HashKey Capital




20000 ATOMs


  • By voting YES on this proposal, you indicate support for funding the Interchain NFTs public testnets incentives that will be managed by a multisig committee
  • By voting NO on this proposal, you do not support this proposal in its current form - please kindly indicate why by leaving comments in the Cosmos Forum.
  • By voting ABSTAIN, you formally decline to vote either for or against the proposal but want to contribute to the quorum.
  • By voting NOWITHVETO, you express that you consider this proposal malicious or harmful and you would like to see depositors penalized by revocation of the deposit, which contributes towards an automatic 1/3 veto threshold.

YEAH! Game of Nodes, Zones, Chains all where a success imo and this kind of extensive testing for the Interchain NFT’s is a nice must-have.

With respect to planning; did you already make a breakdown of steps which need to be taken and prioritized them? I think an Agile approach can really fit here with weekly sprints looking at the very short timing you are trying to get this done (in contrast to the standard 2-3 weeks sprints). Time is short, especially with Christmas period in between…

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Thank you for the thoughts! And yes we’ve developed a frame plan covering both two phases, and since the last few weeks we’ve been steadily progressing with communication and collaboration with many community teams, including IRISnet, Stargaze, Juno, Ark Protocol, G-bridge… Also, realizing how critical a reasonable timing could be for the smooth progress of GoN, we’d be careful in choosing key dates and will keep the overall timeline flexible and responsive to the community’s needs.

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What are you asking for? Sorry, didnt find that info. Would love to connect. I think we can help each other. How do I reach you outside of here?

Are you looking to add the NFT module to the Hub? Not totally clear what the ask is here.

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Like the other comments I don’t understand what this proposal is asking for. As a sentiment check: Game of NFTs sounds great as a way to test out InterNFTs and find any bugs before deploying.

Are you proposing a “signal” of intent to ask for a Game of NFTs incentivized testnet? If so, what role does Cosmos Hub have in this?

@hxrts @JD-Lorax This is a signal proposal and is currently merely for collecting opinions on event planning. We want to roll this out and finalize the event with joint contributions from the community. You can also reach out to one of our teammates on Discord: emmkim#6424.

Follow the trend, embrace nft, game etc,

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Thank you for bringing this proposal up. Would love to see more details on the plan. Cross chain NFTs are the key for the building interoperable metaverse in Cosmos ecosystem.

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I’m glad to see this signal proposal being brought up. Uptick Network supports this move, and will be interested in joining GoN in two ways - 1) Testnet infrastructure, 2) application. We look forward to supporting and participating GoN.

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Is Interchain NFT specifically related to Cosmos Hub, or it’s general for other chains as well? Thanks.

The Interchain NFT tech has Cosmos SDK and CosmWasm implementations that can be easily adopted by Cosmos SDK Chains or CosmWasm Chains. This game will be all about enriching Interchain user experience and capturing more value for the Interchain & Internet of Blockchains, and it’ll bring universal benefits to the ecosystem, including Cosmos Hub, and others who will adopt this tech.

We agree with this proposal as well

interesting… would love to hear more!

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In my opinion ICS-721 is a protocol with the communication layer, and has no direct relationship with contracts or virtual machines. why do you emphasize ics-721 and Coswasm here?

@anjarfa29 There’re two implementations for ics721 including go (cosmos-sdk) and rust (cosmwasm) , and the cross-chain NFT transfers between these 2 implementations have already succeeded on testnets. so it’s easy for both sdk and wasm chains to deploy this feature and enable the NFT interoperability which is bringing huge value to the Interchain.

Interchain NFT must be one of the crucial steps needed after the introduction of IBC. Would love to see more details and work put into it.

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Remarkable work! Topped this in my 2023 watchlist.

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Very much looking forward to

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Very much exited by that .

Btw GATA DAO an NFT project hosted on Stargaze and Teritori will be glad to take part of this !
If you are looking for subjects we are here :saluting_face: