[Proposal Draft] Increase Max Validator Set Size to 150

Originally, the validator set size in the Cosmos Hub was capped at 100, ordered by total delegated Atoms.
The Cosmos whitepaper stated that the validator set size should increase 13% per year until it hits 300 validators as a cap.

In July 2019, proposal #10 suggested a new way to set the validator set size: through governance. This proposal also extended the active validator set size to 125, which still is the current network parameter.

Almost two years have been passed since this last set validator increase and the network has proven its reliability and stability. This proposal suggests increasing the validator set to 150 to improve network decentralization.

Other Cosmos-based networks, like Terra, have already raised the cap to 130 validators, proving that this parameter upgrade is feasible.


Any opinions or improvements regarding this proposal? I would like to read your thoughts :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would vote yes for this unless someone has good reasons why it shouldn’t be increased?

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I think it is a good thing for the blockchain as it will improve decentralization and allow access to new players as validators.

It would be good to know the opinions of other validators about this proposal before launching it on the blockchain.

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I’m personally in favor unless anybody thinks this slows the chain down too much.

Currently, the minimum stake to become a validator is 65k ATOM, which is $737K at current prices. Increasing the validator size to 150 would lower the barrier for new validators, and thus helping to decentralize the Cosmos Network.

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