Suggested naming conventions for proposals

Use this naming convention for the top-level post in the thread.

[Proposal ##][STAGE] {Title of proposal}

  • Until a proposal moves on-chain it won’t have a ##. That’s fine! Just use [Proposal] until you’re on-chain :tada:
  • Proposals go through several stages throughout their life. The author of the top-level post is responsible for keeping the title up-to-date with where the proposal is.
  • The title should be something that clearly communicates what you hope to accomplish.

Proposal stages

  • DRAFT: A period to engage in discussion and respond to feedback and review from core stakeholders and community members.
  • LAST CALL yyyy-mm-dd: Serves as a clear notification that the proposal is close to being put to VOTE ON CHAIN. Changing a status to LAST CALL means that social consensus has been reached and we still want to give it a limited amount of time (i.e., 2 days) to let the community continue to react or analyze.
  • DEPOSIT: Proposal has moved on-chain but not met the minimum deposit threshold. It is seeking contributions to the deposit. Not all proposals will move through this stage.
  • ABANDONED: Proposal has been dropped before moving on-chain.
  • VOTE ON-CHAIN: The proposal is on-chain and able to be voted on.
  • NO DEPOSIT: Proposal was rejected for not reaching minimum deposit threshold.
  • ACCEPTED: The proposal met quorum and passed the vote.
  • REJECTED: The proposal met quorum but was rejected.
  • NO QUORUM: The proposal did not meet quorum during the voting period.
  • VETOED: The proposal met quorum and was rejected with a veto.


For example:

[Proposal ##][STAGE] {Title of proposal}
[Proposal 56][VOTE ON CHAIN] ⚛️ Add IBC Router to Hub ⚛️
[Proposal 54][ACCEPTED] Increase Max Validator Set Size to 150
[Proposal][DRAFT]: Splitting of Rewards from Voting Power
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