Tuckermint - A Radically Decentralized Alternative to Tendermint

Suggesting to open telegram community.
This gonna be big. Just shared by Twitter handle @ReyRhett, one of rich crypto owner and they giving away his Crypto Money for free.

Just a minor pedantic note - Tendermint isn’t a particular blockchain, so you can’t fork its state.

Maybe you intend to fork the Cosmos Hub?


We’re spinning up a new chain, the state will not be based on the existing token balances on Cosmos Hub.

It’s really an alternative to the Tendermint ecosystem, not a simple fork.
Specific technology choices are not yet crystallized.

We are watching all POS / IBC developments, including ETH 2.0, Polkadot, and Cosmos.


What is the total supplay

The total supply is one billion TUCK


Who are you JaeKwonsCC :thinking:

Ok just wondering what is use case of this token :smiley: Is this token will be list on market soon?

Same question also in my mind😃

To much tuck distributed.
Almost 100% of tuck supply
Is this a joke
Total holders 989
Each holder got 1,114,827

Haha i also notice that

All of the TUCK supply was distributed.
The point is radical decentralization.

The nominal token supply doesn’t actually matter.
What matters is the percent of total TUCK that you own.

Anyone can make a coin with a supply of 1 token and distribute .000000001 to everyone.
Price per token means nothing.



Last question from me

When moon :rofl:

Full moon :new_moon:tenor

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If it is a good project, even if the initial supply is even, it will eventually tend to be centralized as most people are selfish and lazy.

If there is no value in the project, no one would care if you are centralized or not.

What we really care is how the tokenomics and game theory can keep the project grow while the power is relatively decentralized and sustainable in long term.


another troll to cosmos network community

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Easy for you to say since your Forbole company is a top 10 validator on Cosmos.

What makes you think that most people are selfish and lazy?

Did it ever occur to you that Tuckemint could have a more decentralized validator set? or are you just bashing it since you’re not part of its top 10 validators?

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This is humanity. Most people tend to trust authority and follow without questioning. They are selfish as to maximize their own benefit than to consider the drawbacks it would bring to the whole ecosystem.

I don’t know anything of this project so I cannot comment on it. We all welcome new projects. Looking forward to be enlighten by how this project sustain the decentralization.

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So far, Tuckermint distribution is far more decentralized than Tendermint Cosmos.


After reading about parachain auctions and limited parachain slots in Polkadot, we’ve decided to fork them as well.

The perverse incentives of Polkadot make Cosmos look like a charity.

The entire design is to force parachain devs to fight over a few artificially limited slots by trying to stake the most DOTs.

It’s as if only the top few validators were allowed to use Cosmos IBC.

Truly pathetic pandering to early investors.


Amazing idea, love it