[unfinished] Draft for implimentation of variable period

In previous thread, I was going to reduce the voting period of governance. but the most validators don’t support that proposal, and @sunnya97 suggested a variable voting period solution. that’s a very good idea. and we want to make it to be real.

Here is a draft for implementation of variable voting period. You can edit it if you want.


If you have any suggestions. be free to write it down.


Hey Ping, I don’t have access to the doc, so I sent a request.

@ping Me too. Sent request.

@Gavin @sunnya97 I updated to public, you can edit now


I wrote up an ADR for the unilateral extensible method:


Great, The only thing I want to suggest is ‘MinVotingPeriod’ should be 7 days, otherwise the voting period is going to be too long. it is not efficient.