ZKValidator Community Spend Proposal: Privacy Events

Hey y’all.

As some of you know we (ZKValidator) are a mission driven validator with the goal to promote privacy and ZKP adoption on networks we validate on. As we are preparing for our upcoming Cosmos Privacy ZKP Showcase event on March 26th we want to get some initial feedback on our plan to put forward a Community Spend Proposal. The proposal is to spend 5k Atoms from the community pool and to deliver four quarterly privacy focussed events. Three of them online and the fourth will be in-person. We will also deliver blog posts and youtube videos to wrap the events up. The content of the event will be presentations, showcases, panels and Q&A sessions around privacy on Cosmos.

We have put together this draft for a formal proposal:

What do you guys think? Would such a proposal get backing by the community?

Edit: The proposal is up for vote now

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This is a nice idea. Although I do have minor questions after reading the proposal thoroughly.

  1. Is this your first time doing this kind of Privacy Event? If not, can you share to us the metrics and results of one or two previous privacy events.

  2. How can we say that we are effectively hitting our goal with these Privacy events? Do we have a definite estimate of the results that will emerge?

All in all,
This is the first time that I have seen a proposal like this. But this quite a nice idea considering most countries are still in lockdown.


Hi PhillipM,

thanks so much for looking into our proposal.

Regarding your first question: we will do a similar event for Cosmos today you are welcome to join (see link above) :). We have also conducted comparable workshops for other blockchain communities like NEAR and Polkadot, you can read more about them in our blog.

Besides the ZeroKnowledge podcast Anna also organises the zkSessions and zkSummit event series and hosts the zkStudyClub, you can check that out on Youtube. The zkSummit is at least one of the most imporant events in the ZK community (in my opinion :)).

Regarding your second question: Success is indeed hard to measure. We will publish metrics about attendance, engagement and any community feedback in the blogpost after each event.

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I am definitely for promoting privacy on Cosmos. The proposal looks sound and acceptable to me.

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This seems like a waste of time, and it’s not good to do in person events during covid. Also why not use this money to focus on privacy software or a better ui for enabling privacy that can be used on cosmos instead of just spreading info about privacy. I did like the reports part but that is really the only thing. I would support developing actual privacy use cases that could go live in the future, but as it stands I don’t support this and see it as a waste of time and money.

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Privacy proposals are very necessary for Cosmos nowadays, and this approach from the validator side looks very interesting regarding validation services. I support it and I am looking forward to make use of it both as a user and validator.

I got a question though. How this intersect with Penumbra project?

PS: Considering the best way to reduce risks for everyone, I also support any physical Cosmos event even if we have to go with a level 5 hazmat. First Bitcoin and Ethereum meetings were the most worthwile on many aspects. Hoping the community is still small enough to allow some of this.

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Planning any in-person events seem futile under basically everyone’s current situation, unless you’re planning the event in Tanzania.

Since it also accounts for a large majority of this grant, instead cut that in-person event that likely won’t even be able to happen, and instead reduce the grant request for those 3 online events. That way the community can gauge the effectiveness of these events.

Albeit to be frank, these costs as is would appear to be trivial to you as a validator, considering you should be raking in around 50,000 ATOMs from your validator commission a year? Is that not self-sufficient monetary support to push your ZK mission for Cosmos?

Thanks so much for your feedback here and elsewhere. We took critique into consideration but went ahead and published our proposal: Cosmos | Cosmos Hub 4 | ZKValidator Community Spend Proposal

We strongly believe that the event will help to bring more privacy related developer activity to the network. We also think that it will be possible to conduct the in-person event, which is planned for the first half of 2022.

Would be great to have more details on reasoning for costs of each of these expected events. 3350 ATOM valued at 20$ means that it would be a $67,000 in person event a year out. Also, for an online stream $11,000 seems quite high.

It would be nice to see quotations from venues and estimates for those related costs like location, persons, food, etc. Perhaps closer to event dates.