[GWG] Community Calls & Updates

Hey all! Great call, the other day. Here are the notes from that call–take a look! Then let’s set an agenda for the next call.

For reference, here’s the thread for the Month 1 Community Call.
Going forward, let’s use this current thread for all future GWG community call discussions. The schedule for future community calls can be found here.


I’ve published the Month 1 update article and have submitted it to All in Bits to publish on the Cosmos Medium blog: https://figment.network/resources/cosmos-gwg-month-1-update/

How should we best receive a draft proposal to provide feedback?

Next GWG call is Feb 13 @ 14:00 UTC: http://bit.ly/39pxP5F
Let’s discuss an intake process for draft proposals.

Notes from previous call here: https://github.com/gavinly/CosmosGWG/blob/master/Month1.2020.md#notes


Initial process for draft proposal intake:

  1. Informal discussion with proposer (via forum, Telegram, Discord, Twitter, etc)
  2. GWG to review draft proposal via Google Docs
  3. Invite proposer into the closed Discord channel
  4. Discussion with and feedback for proposer via Google Docs and closed Discord channel

Ideally the first proposal we select will be in the late stage of preparation (ie. about to launch) and we’ll have enough confidence in our ability to help formalize the proposal. We will provide feedback, but the proposer will be responsible making any revisions, should they decide to accept advice from the GWG. The GWG will remain neutral for this process and will help the proposer to formalize the proposal, regardless of whether or not we agree with what the proposal is trying to achieve (within reason!).

Planning our Month 2 GWG call!
Would love ideas for the agenda–check out the notes from the Month 1 call for inspiration.

Thu Feb 27 @ 14:00 UTC is looking good for our Month 2 call. Check out the agenda here. Here’s a calendar invite.

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Month 2 community call had 8 new participants and a total of 21 people.

  • I published Community-spend best practices v1.0
  • Zaki is working on a legal entity that interacts with on-chain governance to do Cosmos dev work
  • We primarily discussed governance work sustainability

Notes & recording can be found here: https://github.com/gavinly/CosmosGWG/blob/master/Month2.2020.md

We’re looking for a topic for the mid-month call.

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Cross-posting from the GWG Telegram (https://t.me/hubgov)

For mid-month call could be nice to invite Zaki to chat about the legal entity he’s working to form to connect with Cosmos’ on-chain governance. I recall his meeting with the lawyer is Mar 16, so could be a late mid-month call.

I think a legal entity that is responsible to Cosmos’ on-chain gov could be a way to help avoid the barrier to making governance proposals, because it could handle smaller funding denominations for work for the hub.

We could also tackle supporting dev focused community spend proposals. Like what information is essential and what information is helpful.

Sunny wants to finalize this proposal: [Proposal] [Draft] Proportional Slashing We could use this as an example for what we think is essential vs helpful for a text-based proposal to approve a protocol change.

We could also discuss a process for a funded protocol upgrade/change.
Eg. 1) Text-based proposal with high overview of changes (or perhaps more detailed)
2) Community-spend proposal to implement the changes
3) Text-based proposal to include the changes in an upgrade (or perhaps to co-ordinate an upgrade specifically for the new software)

I posted a poll in Telegram (image below). Pick as many items as you want and feel free to post your choices here.

For the mid-month call, looks like the poll is leaning toward discussing what we need to do to connect the Hub’s gov to the legal entity that Zaki’s working on. Thoughts on Wed March 18? Aiming to have the call after Mar 16 (since that’s Zaki’s meeting with the lawyer).


How could the Cosmos Hub’s governance mechanism connect to a legal entity? Zaki (Iqlusion) is working on the legal entity. Let’s discuss!

Mid-month topic call: Wed Mar 18 @ 15:00 UTC
Agenda: https://github.com/gavinly/CosmosGWG/blob/master/README.md
Calendar invite: http://bit.ly/38SX13K

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Great turnout for today’s mid-month call. Here’s the audio recording, etc: https://github.com/gavinly/CosmosGWG/blob/master/README.md#march-18

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Hey all! I’m proposing Tu Mar 31 @ 15:00 UTC to host an end-of-month call.
Proposed topic: What kind of governance work could the Cosmos Hub find valuable?

Hey all!

We’ll be hosting a Cosmos Hub GWG call on Tu Dec 15 at 17:00 UTC to discuss more effective governance, specifically developments and practices for more effectively distributing community pool funds. We’ll have Sunny (Sikka) and Cory (Regen) answering questions about their work on splitting governance voting power and the new Groups module.

Agenda can be found here.

Calendar invite is here!