If you are new to Cosmos you will want to visit these important pages to learn more about Cosmos, there are many questions that can be answered by looking through the FAQ, Milestone and Funding pages.


The goal of the Validator Working Group (VWG) is to join a community of validators to learn the best practices of running an effective validator node. See for details.


Questions about the Cosmos-SDK, Discussions about path forward, Technical Support


Questions about Tendermint, Proposals to improve the software and Tendermint technical support.


If you are building something on top of Cosmos or Tendermint, please introduce your project here !


Ethermint is the Ethereum Virtual Machine on top of Tendermint.

Interchain Foundation

Discussions in this category should focus on the InterChain Foundation, suggestions for initiatives they might sponsor and communications with the board of directors.


For the Cosmos Chinese community.