[PROPOSAL #2][REJECTED] Proposal: Plan for enabling Atom Transfers

@dsgnsupporter and @kreiosx3: block 250k would be in about 9 days, so that’s not possible, as the proposal vote will take at least 14 days.

Zaki brought up a good point. These proposals take 14 days to vote on each, and therefore this whole process will take quite some time with this method.
I am, in principal, not really in favour of undergoing the height/commit proposal vote on the testnet itself as it limits the voting power of low self-delegation validators or inactive delegators. Apart from the fact that since this proposal since this proposal is relevant to cosmoshub-1, it should be done on cosmoshub-1.

Changes we suggest:
This proposal will also propose a block height and software version for the upgrade so that only one proposal will be needed.
There will be breakout conditions for any critical issues, where we can submit another proposal to agree on another upgrade timeline.

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