Testnet Wednesday Reports

March 13, 2024

Today we ran through a fairly simple demo day on two topics:

  1. Assigning consumer keys
  2. Setting a security contact

Consumer key assignment

In the early days of ICS, validators were encouraged to either assign a consumer key or reuse their provider key for consumer chains. That recommendation has changed! It is now only recommended to assign a consumer key and use a unique key for each chain. Never reuse keys, and keep track of which keys are used for which chains.

To reinforce this, we demonstrated key assignment on pion-1

The transaction to assign a consensus key to a consumer chain is in the provider module:

gaiad tx provider assign-consensus-key pion-1 <consumer pubkey>

Of the 56 testnet validators, 42 have now assigned a consumer key. Prior to this demo day, it was only 26 :dizzy_face:

Set security contacts

Setting a security contact is a lightweight way to verify that an email or social media handle is approved by the keyholders of your validator node, making it easier to speak for your validator without having to touch your keys. Make sure your security contact is up to date though – letting it go stale could mean being you’re being represented by an email or handle that shouldn’t be speaking for you :ninja:

To set your validator’s security contact field, use this command as reference:

gaiad tx staking edit-validator --security-contact <contact info> --from <self-delegation address>

49 validators have now set their security contact on the testnet.

Next week

Next week we’ll be taking a testnet break to focus on the mainnet upgrade!
By now, everyone on mainnet should be running assigned consumer keys…so prepare to get roasted if we see any reused keys :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :camera_with_flash:


I forgot to post last week so we have a double update today!

March 27, 2024

We packed a ton into this week:

  1. Upgrade to v15.1.0 to keep up with mainnet
  2. Game day: bond shares to your validator
  3. Game day: tokenize shares to obtain liquid staked tokens
  4. Game day: (optional) collect as many liquid tokens as possible!

Validators worked through the game day tasks, gaining familiarity with the transactions used to bond and tokenize shares, with samples given in our repo here.

Items 2 and 3 on this list were TIP criteria and we had 31 validators pass.

April 3, 2024

This week we upgraded to v15.2.0-rc0 on both provider and theta-testnet-001. This version patches a governance issue in which the proposal length is limited to 255 characters, the sdk default for 0.47. Lately we’ve seen some proposals on the Hub that include just a link to IPFS for the full proposal!

We expect to see a coordinated upgrade on mainnet to address this next week.

As this was a minor coordinated upgrade on testnet, it did not count for TIP criteria.


April 17, 2024

pion-1 upgrades to v3.0.4

April 24, 2024

provider upgrades to v.16.0.0-rc2

v16 has an active post on the forum and incorporates ICS epochs, a critical part of Partial Set Security.