[Validator] Nexus + Giveaways :)

Since I am running a validator within the Cosmos Network I wanted to introduce myself a bit towards the community. And provide a bit more information on my goals that I want to reach by running a validator on the Cosmos Mainnet. Next to the fact on what I eventually want to provide within the future for the Cosmos (ATOM) community.

About me
Since 2008 I have been self employed and worked up my company from scratch. The main income from that company was by renting out servers for video games. Which was a lasting project for about 10 years. Eventually the company ran dry on resources since the hosting market became way too congested. Which has forced me to jump out of the hosting area and change my entire company towards IT Services at home within The Netherlands.

Including the fact that I started around 2008 as my own company I always kept a close eye on crypto currencies. Since that’s been a personal interest of mine since 2009 / 2010 which is also the period where I started to keep track on things. Personally right now I believe that this year is definitely an interesting period to step right on through Cosmos. Including running my own validator for this network since I found it worthy enough to get started with since I came from the hosting scene anyway.

Why starting the Nexus Validator?
Cosmos (ATOM) is something straight up my alley because this is something that caught my interest right from my heart. Including that starting my own validator allows me to help other projects within Cosmos within the future. Which is my personal mid/long term goal for being active with the community as long as my validator lives.

Delegation Rewards
Active validators will be able to join in on a monthly giveaway to claim some additional atoms through our Discord server. The amount of Atoms will be determined on the basis of how much the validator has earned through the commission fees. This will be only given away to people who are actively delegating towards nexus.

The Benefits:

  • Monthly giveaways for delegators,
  • Hosted on a Dedicated Server in Germany,
  • Managed and maintained by someone with strong knowledge,
  • Validator with a high and persistent up time and connection,
  • Well managed Discord Server (See Bellow)

Questions? Feel free to post in this topic or send me a direct message on the forums.

Useful Information:
Operator Address (For delegation): cosmosvaloper1jmd8vcja8f7vqypxh0rceucrkt9hgsxk4kt5ad
Tips / Donations: cosmos14sjm23peglvtegsy5eyuzhqkw8njytc8prdaxs

Useful Links
Mintscan: Link
Discord: https://discord.gg/J7aUXzs

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