AADAO's latest grants: Pro Delegators, La Multisig, Hypha and Dora Factory

The ATOM Accelerator DAO (AADAO) is proud to announce the recipients of 2024’s latest grants: Pro Delegators, La Multisig, Hypha and Dora Factory.

‍By awarding dedicated grants, the AADAO is able to support initiatives that drive infrastructure enhancements and foster new use cases and onchain activity for the Cosmos Hub. The latest grants aim to support the introduction of Partial Set Security (PSS), develop innovative funding mechanisms, and boost global awareness. These efforts are poised to significantly advance the Cosmos Hub and its growing ecosystem.

In total, $354,000 in grant funding was awarded in this batch - $20,000 of which is already being returned by the time of this announcement, and $184,000 is expected to be paid out in 2024. The remaining $150,000 will be earmarked in our assets for the AEZ Quadratic Funding Program, which runs for 24 months.

The Atom Accelerator exists to accelerate the funding and development of key initiatives to support the Cosmos Hub. However, our current system of grouping grants into batches for approval and announcements has inadvertently caused delays that need not exist. Some of the grants in this batch, as well as all grants going forward, will be approved and paid out on a rolling basis. We would announce these grants at the time of approval, and update our website and dashboards accordingly.

Check out the full details of each of the grant on our blog.