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If you are building something on top of Cosmos or Tendermint, please introduce your project here !


We are currently testing Tendermint + lotion for the Boid Blockchain. Delegates on our platform will be responsible for providing oracle data from blockchains and distributed computing project. This data is used to determine block rewards for users who participate in Boid. We like that the Tendermint codebase is modern and modular. We think the hub+spoke model of Cosmos is a great solution for scaling and experimenting with novel new features.

List of projects in Cosmos & Tendermint Ecosystem

We are building a blockchain based professional social community using Cosmos SDK. Many business professional believes in contributions and construction. We have been hearing a lot of stories on how business or career become successful when there are a well networking person referring a right person. We would like to convert all these networking contributions into digital assets. When you recommend or refer your trusted friends and business partners, you will get contribution scores. The scores will be converted into valuable assets. If you are generous enough, you can take roles on our community and help others to succeed. All you have contributed to the community will bring you with a higher reputation as a networker. The circle of trusts you have built on our network will also bring you more business opportunities.

To learn more, please visit us at https://www.forbole.com.


We (LCNEM, Inc.) are issuing JPY stable coin on NEM.(Supported currencies will be expanded gradually)
For the purpose of making the stable coin be available in Cosmos network, we are under review of developong tendermint DLT which provide pegging between NEM2 and Cosmos.
We think it should be implemented as consortium ledger at first hand because of human resources.