[ANN] Cosmos SDK for Rust v0.1 - initial release

The Cosmos Rust team, a joint effort between Informal Systems, iqlusion, Confio, and Althea, is excited to announce the initial release of a Cosmos SDK for the Rust programming language, a.k.a. “cosmos-sdk-rs”.

About cosmos-sdk-rs

The cosmos-sdk-rs library is presently designed to serve as a client for interacting with the Golang implementation of the Cosmos SDK.

It presently supports building, signing, and parsing transactions in the new Protocol Buffers-based Cosmos SDK format used by “Stargate”-compatible blockchains.

It does not implement server-side functionality (yet), such as hooks and message passing.

Please let us know if you have any questions or problems trying to use it. You can either respond here, or in the #rust channel of the Cosmos Community Discord.