Atom accelerator all rejected reviewed and accepted proposals

The Atom community would like to see all the proposals that have been sent to you. All proposals that have been accepted, rejected and reviewed. There should be complete transparency and everyone must be able to see as to what all proposals were sent to the atom accelerator program and reasons as to why they were rejected.


Why is the community not replying to this thread? We talk about transperancy but cant see any. The funds are going to projects which have better personal relationships. I dont see the ATOM accelerator program for the betterment of the cosmos hub but just to fill their own pockets. We want to see all proposals and a reason as to why it was selected or rejected

They have a website where they post the stuff they said they’d post (which doesn’t include the details of all proposals and rejection criteria, iirc).

They also have a few Medium posts about their process (How we rate applications. A rating sheet is used by the Atom… | by Atom Accelerator | Apr, 2023 | Medium) including an April transparency report, and we’re only 2 days into May.

I honestly think this group is doing a remarkable job with transparency given how quickly they’re moving. A report on the rejection criteria for every single application they’ve received is something I expect would take a while to write, unless they’re just dumping numbers out in a spreadsheet with no commentary (which is low-value imo).

I don’t really understand the accusation about funding projects to ‘fill their own pockets’ - the accepted grants seem to be for very reasonable ecosystem opportunities.


Thanks for making this thread. My apologies that I hadn’t seen this post earlier. I have just created a section with our transparency reports.

We also have the dashboard as mentioned above.

Always happy to look at how we make our processes better and make our reporting to the community clearer so will make sure I keep an eye on this thread for good ideas. :smiley:

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