Transparency and visibility

Hi all,

I wonder if it is possible to take a look at the results of the accepted proposals. For example, is there a site where I can see which entity received 100ATOM from the community pool and why?

How much was such a team paid for such work?

As an investor, I feel the need to be really informed, I require an effort in transparency in terms of expenses and current or past projects.

Does a website or application allow me to view all of this now?

Thx all for your answers


I’m not aware of a single site that shows precisely:

  • Proposal
  • ATOM received from Community Pool
  • Exact people involved
  • Outcome of the project

But the first place I’d look is just on a block explorer at past proposals, where you can then start looking at the proposal, payment, and have a way to research the teams and outcome. Much of that info is on the forum as well, but it’s not precisely compiled.

And the forum category for community spend proposals:

I think the onus for transparency is generally on the team that received funding, so I would look at their various reports rather than hoping for a single site that has collected all the information (but it would be very helpful for the community if that existed).


thank you for your reply.

I have no technical knowledge, and I assume the teams are very busy and I thank everyone for your work.

If I may take a more distant and simplistic view, I think that for there to be a growing adoption of the hub, it is necessary to consolidate all the information concerning governance, voted projects, distribution of finances, etc. … in a site for example on Mintscan which is really good.

I’m going off topic so as to express the feelings of investors in a global and succinct way:

Investors may not be aware that a community forum exists or may not want to go to great lengths to find the information they want.

It is very important to move forward on the ATOM 2.0 project but it is above all more important to complete it on time since the competition is fierce and fast. Adoption will take the path of least resistance, in the most open, most intuitive project with a good user experience, and the most transparent and in which the token will gain value not through inflation but through its utility; and the first project that will present these characteristics will be the project that will have a technological breakthrough and will be adopted by the masses.
We see that tech is a big line in the progress of the project but we must not exclude the customer relationship which seems essential.

Funding has been voted and is intended to make news videos on the cosmos universe. But we think that in the same perspective of medium-term visibility it might be good to appoint one or more teams (funded by the hub) to do good advertising and bring visibility through videos, website, with local ambassadors from several countries intended to popularize in their native language the ecosystem’s proposals which are often abstract and complicated to understand.

We are convinced that reasoning in this direction can only bring value to your work, which in our eyes is truly exceptional.

Thank you for your consideration and your time building a fair and equitable ecosystem.

If this is something you’re passionate about, I’d encourage you to get it started by putting together a proposal or partnering with a team that could make it happen, such as the teams behind some of the block explorers (Cosmostation runs Mintscan, Forbole runs Big Dipper). One of the strengths of this ecosystem is that no one has to wait for a central body to decide to build something - you can get started yourself and make it happen :slight_smile:

We’ve had several proposals and drafts for funding on content creation recently and the reception has been mixed (bordering on hostile). It doesn’t seem like the community is interested in funding that right now, at least not in the format it’s been proposed.


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