ATOM ZERO a open source non dilutive communitylab for atom2.0

ATOMZERO A Community Driven Open-Source non-dilutive fork of ATOM2.0, and laboratory for the community.

ATOM2.0 and ATOM ONE proposers have started the much-needed discussion to create a new vision for the Cosmos, they certainly did us a great favor, many people are now invested in what will be the result of this much awesome debate.

The opinion of ATOM2.0 proposers has certainly been heard, now we think it is time for the community to finish what this leader group started, given the extremely heated debate and because the extremely divisive nature of the dilution proposal we think only the community can mediate and come to the best conclusion, if a non dilutive solution were to be found it would be the best outcome.

The goal of ATOM zero is to search for non dilutive alternatives and share it with both ATOM ONE and ATOM2.0 proposers, ATOM ZERO doesn’t intend to be proposed on chain if not necessary, but its just a push to signal to ATOM2.0 proposers to open source their proposal and not try to dilute ATOM holders.

Now it’s the time for the community to get more involved, Cosmos is a decentralized protocol and if we want to keep our ethos alive, we need to work and pursue things in a more distributed way.

The open source and voluntary nature of the hub needs to be ever present, any proposal that decides Cosmos future should be open to contribution from as many people from the community as possible, using tools for community wide collaboration like GitHub, ATOM ONE is open on github, ATOM2.0 isn’t.

ATOM holders need a public and transparent way to suggest a change to the proposal.
There needs to be an issue you can open or public transparent way to amend, and a way to easily track changes. GitHub would be a great way to do this, allowing anyone to amend the paper by opening an issue, discuss a change, gather enough support and then later merging their change into the main branch of the proposal if non divisive consensus is reached.

The future of Cosmos should be widely shared, 90% of the community should support this, if atom2.0 were to pass by a mere 50% it would be a failure, a failure of the community, our role is to preserve and strengthen the Cosmos allowing for all points of view to be heard and included.

We cannot rush such an important proposal that will define the next years of the hub.
There is no rush, we are undergoing a long bear market, bear markets are used for building, the longer the design phase with community participation will be the more honest and transparent the result.

ATOM ZERO also looks to fully rework the governance system of ATOM2.0 so that whatever the governance mechanism is, it will not dilute the governance power of the community pool and ATOM stakers.

github com/atom-zero/atom-zero


empty for now… the repos i mean

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:saluting_face: :vulcan_salute:Permission to speak courageously.

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First off: My name is irrelevant, unless asked for. I am for this vision of COSMOS, as a whole. Simply put, it seems ZERO is the middle ground. Both 1.0 and 2.0 are brilliant.

:pray: Thank you Sir, @jaekwon for all the work you’ve done here for the Cosmos, as a whole and all the leading contributions you’ve laid out for all of us to meet here, now. Salute. I am full agreeance towards the goal of non-dilusion of ATOMS for the sake of the holders/stakers at large.

:pray: Thank you Sir, @zaki_iqlusion for being one of the original contributors to the bigger COSMOS vision and spokesman for ATOM 2.0. Salute. Everyone on the COSMOS leadership board, come across and down-to-earth, but focused and action oriented (salute). Already, have learned so much in such a short span of time.

:thinking: ATOM ZERO, to me, seems to be beautiful middle ground we are all looking for. I am all for the sense of urgency and belief in COSMOS by 2.0 leadership, as that serves as a telling sign, like a fan views their “idols” and reflect their level of excitement, that it’s’ time to get even more hyped up, as a people. I am for the prioritization of security for the COSMOS by securing the efficiency of a main HUB first, simply to ensure the hedging success of hopeful generations to come.

:eyeglasses: As an ATOM holder/staker, as someone who is investing more and more into this space as I learn through the eyes of a blessed plebian, as someone who honors the journey of growth by paying dues to prove themselves and gain trust from the community at large, especially the creator and founders of this God given blessing of a system to push further the collective, human dream of “freedom.” I believe the original vision of ATOM 1.0 and ATOM 2.0 can meet at ATOM ZERO. Please correct me if I am missing something, because I am best friends with Failure :pray:

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It’s amazing to see the authors of the ATOM 2.0 remodifying their thoughtful and well articulated proposal to accommodate the overall community’s wants. It really shows that this community truly is oriented around the people.

On the same note, as an artist/creator myself, I do understand the importance of ownership, but equally understand ATOM was created to allow scaling, for all. I believe it is important to give back to the original founder of the COSMOS and pay respects to how the speed of our next steps, together, will be executed. This is my main reasoning to cheer for ATOM ZERO.

If we, as a community, wish to see the ecosystem thrive, flourish, rise and succeed as a budding rose in the overall marketplace, should we not salute the original founder of ATOM, who seems to be a fighter for the security of the original intent and good for the COSMOS, as a whole.

Below will be statements quoted from the proposal above, in which I further wish to reverberate:

:pray: :white_heart:
Again, quick moment of praise to the ATOM Founder, Co-Founders, and the robust ecosystem of blessed developers from all walks of life. Bless you all for the countless hours of passionate life into this system to allow for this sort of collaboration to even be possible (what… lol :lollipop:)

:saluting_face: :white_heart: :atom_symbol:
“We the people…”

I echo these sentiment to close:

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  • 2/3 must vote yes in order for proposal to pass
    • Abstaining will count as a NO to achieve 2/3 requirement.

:construction: COSMOS HUB :construction:

Value Proposition:
The Cosmos Hub will launch interchain security and provide services to other chains in the COSMOS.

Quick Goal: :sparkles:

  1. 1-2yr GOAL: Get rid of inflation
  2. Minimal hub
  3. Github integration (?)


:sparkles: ATOMS / PHOTONS :sparkles:

  1. ATOM :atom_symbol:
    use case: ATOM is the native staking token securing (primarily) the COSMOS HUB, leveraged through ICS. Transaction fees all earned by ATOM STAKERS.

  2. PHOTONS :bulb:
    use case: the better transaction/payment token. No need to further stake/delegate to a delegator so that it is useful to you, nor will you get “punished” by the exponential inflation of ATOM. This quality, that it doesn’t suffer from inflation, also makes it IDEAL for ICS2* for securing other blockchains by bonding PHOTON tokens.

:thinking: HOW TO GET :bulb: PHOTONS :

  • :triangular_flag_on_post: BOND ATOMS towards PHOTONS
  • :triangular_flag_on_post: BOND PHOTONS to vote in ICS2A, by delegating to a validator

:open_mouth: OR:

  • :triangular_flag_on_post: you can BOND those PHOTONS into a NEW HUB ZONE through ICS2B ***

:atom_symbol: COSMOS HUB managed *ICS2 system:

  1. ICS 2A SYSTEM (vision):
    pool of validators - 10,000 more validators that WANT to vote (they can’t ALL be COSMOS validators) to secure the chains, so they can choose PHOTONS bonded to them on the COSMOS HUB, so then when someone wants to launch a new blockchain, they can choose, or maybe its random, one of these validators with more/less same amount of PHOTONS bonded to them, to help secure the chains. This is really good for CONSUMER ZONES.


  1. ICS 2B SYSTEM (vision):
    Staking token on other zone(s). Independent of the COSMOS HUB, have its own inflation/treasury, (tbc)

(for the sake of time… i will stop here for now. thank you)