BitCanna - New to COSMO, Coast to Coast Potential?

*NOTE - I am not affliliated with the below mentioned companies, but someone from COSMOS should already be tracking this…I assume.

TL;DR - Bitcanna is an incoming coin to COSMOS, focused on the cannibus industry. This plus

TL;DR - fully legal hemp derivative that satisfies the recreational market.

Seems like a great opportunity to grow a coin, and support new business in an established but non-dominated industry.

  • How do we make the most of this?
  • When will the coin become available so we can buy/stake/promote?
  • Is there a way to connect investing in the businesses, to the coin, giving it stability and using its DEFI-ness?

Open to comments, questions, and if anyone knows POCs for these companies, that’d be great as well.