Community pool grant request

Hello guys, it’s Riccardo from the Cosmos Guardian.

Following you’ll find the text of a proposal we would like to do in order to require from grant for the work we’ve made during the Japan Blockchain Week to bring the Cosmos community together.
I would really appreciate any feedback on this, so please let me know if you think that such a proposal could be accepted or not by the community.


I support this proposal.
For this is a good uses for community pool.
Hope to see more like this.

it suppose to be floated before event. However, I still support your request.
We “RNS Solutions” are developing voting for community pool as well for Color Platform Project.
I hope that cosmos network community can use our code as baseline to develop community pool voting for such proposal as well.

I fully support this proposal along with the idea that the amount requested should be higher as to cover the time and effort spent by @daniela_pavin & @RiccardoMontagnin from Cosmos Guardian for organizing and making sure this event was an amazing one

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We support the proposal.

look forward to more community event!

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