Community pool grant request

Hello guys, it’s Riccardo from the Cosmos Guardian.

Following you’ll find the text of a proposal we would like to do in order to require from grant for the work we’ve made during the Japan Blockchain Week to bring the Cosmos community together.
I would really appreciate any feedback on this, so please let me know if you think that such a proposal could be accepted or not by the community.


I support this proposal.
For this is a good uses for community pool.
Hope to see more like this.

it suppose to be floated before event. However, I still support your request.
We “RNS Solutions” are developing voting for community pool as well for Color Platform Project.
I hope that cosmos network community can use our code as baseline to develop community pool voting for such proposal as well.

I fully support this proposal along with the idea that the amount requested should be higher as to cover the time and effort spent by @daniela_pavin & @RiccardoMontagnin from Cosmos Guardian for organizing and making sure this event was an amazing one

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We support the proposal.

look forward to more community event!

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DragonStake team still have not a defined vote for this proposal. We are hesitating between an abstain and a veto.

We are in favour of this kind of grants from the community pool. But we a are really disappointing with the procedure and the style of this first proposal.

We think it could be a very bad precedent if we deliver grants like this. Without a propper and serious procedure, without previous public discussion and, in general with a patent lack of information/communication.

We really hope that after this ice breaking first proposal, the quality and the minimun requirements for a serious proposal get some consensus inside the community.

For this purpouse we suggest discussing in a separete thread the conveniece of a template with this minimum contents:

BTW, this thread is not in the right category ( governance )

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I want to hear some 3rd party opinions about this meetup who were there, including panels who talked in the meetup. How was the meetup? Is it worth enough to support the flight ticket or devcon ticket too?

Also, as a private opinion, because we have many community members across the globe, it would be better to manage this kind of meetup by near-by located contributor(from Japan, Korea, China or HK) if we really want to sponsor also the flight cost because obviously the flight ticket was the biggest expenditure. I don’t think flying from Europe or US to Japan to support this meetup is very cost efficient approach.

I can see many Asian community members in the meetup such as Dogemos, ATEAM, Bitfish, Forbole, IRIS, etc. It would be better if they organized the meetup, cost effectiveness perspective.

I think it would be a good consensus if we only support flight ticket when it is from reasonably near-by, or we can have a limit amount of grant for flight ticket, like $300.


I am in agreement of what @derfredy said, when i saw those proposals like #20~#22 , I think it’s really important to improve current governance module/mechanism.

@RiccardoM thanks you guys for hosting meetup during the Japan Blockchain Week. but I would not support this proposal.

I do think market events like meetups is very important for a blockchain project. that’s why we hosted 5 meetups in China (co-hosted with IRISnet, Forbole, Spark Pool, SSSnode). I think the cosmos team primary focused on technical things, that’s a strategy/style of Cosmos. They did too less on market, therefore we can proposal cosmos team to make a global market plan with a budget, the active validators/delegators in a country can work together to make better market jobs.


Seems we do need a way to amend or override the proposals as discussions will happen after the proposals are submitted. What if the community support the activity but not part of the detail? What if not agree with the amount? Should all items be broken down and submit separate proposals by items? If we do want this happen on-chain, it seems there should be a mechanism for us to add amendments.


Questions/clear answers ratio,
is evolving, most likely on this forum, related to the actor’s engagement.
I cannot wait for the next proposals.

Please, provide me an address of Community Pool of Cosmos Network.
I can’t find it for a long time, and I haven’t possibility to ask it in main groups of Comos, because I was banned without any reasons.