[Consultation] Scoping a creation of a new chain based on Cosmos SDK

Hello community!

We are scoping a project for cross-bank communication within European region based on blockchain.
Main candidate here for us is a cosmos sdk toolbox. Also we see promising research here: https://docs.cosmos-cash.app.beta.starport.cloud/

Right now after the research:

  • According to our requirements we might have privacy and anonymity within the network: only the sender and receiver see transactions without sharing them to the third-party. Is there any research or ideas about CryptoNote similar protocols, ElGamal encryption on the cosmos sdk?


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Hi, my name is Jacob and Iā€™m with notional Labs and with similar work. If you would like to get a hold of me probably the best way to do so is to send me a DM on Twitter where my account is @gadikian