Conversation on Interchain Security

In the context of ICS, is it possible for Cosmos Hub validator to collectively secure, say X% of the consumer chain, while the consumer chain’s validator will secure the remaining, in this case 100 - X%.

This might help existing appchains moving to ICS.

it is not possible in RS version of ICS, but in the future, it will be possible to choose a subset of cosmos validator set. AFAIK.

But still it is different than your proposed version.

Yes, it is still different.

If ICS can help validate a percentage, and for AppChain’s own validator to validate the rest, it will be an important step-wise direction.

What would be the advantage for the app chain’s own validators in doing this?

Good question. This has been known in the past as “Layered Security”.

At Informal, we stopped working on it a while ago, in favor of helping collaborate on Mesh Security, which is a pretty flexible design which can do basically the same thing.

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