Cosmos Hub 2024 Roadmap from Hypha and Informal Systems

Hypha Worker Co-operative and Informal Systems are proud to present our shared initial roadmap for work in 2024.

Our teams have been working closely throughout 2022 and 2023 to drive the product vision of the Hub and activate the ATOM Economic Zone. The AEZ is made up of several consumer chains (Neutron and Stride, with several chains looking to join) which are secured by the Hub’s validator set and are aligned with ATOM because of their shared security.

Now, it’s time to plan for our future on the Hub.

This roadmap focuses on the continued development of Interchain Security, which has become a rallying point for product and governance decisions on the Hub. ICS has brought together builders, contributors, and creators to share a product vision for the Cosmos Hub.

While this ecosystem is made up of many builders and contributors all working together, this roadmap is only representative of our two teams’ intentions. We’re publishing it because we want to be accountable to the Cosmos Hub community and need your feedback on the path ahead.

View the full roadmap here >>

Strategic themes

The key strategic themes in our roadmap are:

  • Security and composability: The Cosmos Hub provides Interchain Security which allows chains in the Atom Economic Zone to launch with a very high level of security. During 2024, the Cosmos Hub will extend this to provide chains in the AEZ with composability through Atomic IBC: the ability to integrate tightly with instant IBC transactions.
  • Liquidity: The Cosmos Hub is using concepts such as protocol owned liquidity and liquid staking to harness the substantial liquidity and market value of the ATOM token to provide chains in the AEZ with liquidity and collateral, while reinforcing the foundational role of ATOM.
  • IBC Routing: In 2024, the Cosmos Hub will launch IBC routing, which will allow any chain which uses IBC to cut relayer costs by routing light client updates through the Hub. This service leverages the Hub’s neutral status and high security, since routing requires trust in the intermediary chain.

We need you :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

If you are a Cosmos Hub stakeholder, we need your feedback about this roadmap via this form and / or the public consultation call on Wednesday, September 20, 4PM UTC.

It is our intention to become accountable to the community for this work, and so the community needs an opportunity to review this roadmap before we start working on it.

Next steps:

  1. Read the roadmap here
  2. Give us your feedback before October 1st via the feedback form.
  3. Participate in our public consultation call on Wednesday, September 20, 4PM UTC. Click here to register for the consultation call.

Please note that feedback delivered via social media or other channels may not be considered! The form and public consultation call are the only ways to ensure your feedback is heard.

We can’t do this work without you!


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