Cosmos Hub tokenomics - fiscal and governance policy

Quick question if you have the opportunity to clarify. Your OP closed so i couldn’t comment underneath it. Prop says:

If this Vote Power tax was implemented today, the Cosmos Hub would generate an additional ~900k ATOM in tax revenue in year 1. This revenue could be equally distributed back to all validators as a subsidy (~5k ATOM/validator/yr) to keep all validators afloat as Interchain Security scales, allowing the Cosmos Hub to benefit from the poor stake distribution.

If the community decides to implement this tax, Blockworks Research recommends re-distributing this tax back to validators equally only if the Replicated Security soft opt-out is removed, as this tax alone should allow most validators to scale to ~5 consumer chains without running at a loss (at ATOM current prices).

Does this 5000 ATOM get distributed as rewards to delegators? Or is it deposited directly to our validator wallet?