Cosmos India Virtual Meetup: IBC and Game of Zones

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Internet of Blockchain is here!

Cosmos India is hosting a virtual meetup on April 19 focused on Interblockchain Communication and Game of Zones.

IBC allows heterogeneous blockchains to transfer tokens and data to each other, meaning that blockchains with different applications and validator sets are interoperable. For example, it allows public and private blockchains to transfer tokens to each other. Currently, no other blockchain framework enables this level of interoperability.

Following experts and projects will be joining us for the meetup:

:small_orange_diamond:Zaki Manian, Co-founder, Iqlusion|Former Director, Tendermint Research
:small_orange_diamond:Mateusz Grzelak aka Asmodat, Co-founder, Kira Core
:small_orange_diamond:Tushar Aggarwal, CEO, Persistence | Co-founder, Cosmos India
:small_orange_diamond:Deepanshu Tripathi, CTO, Persistence|Cofounder Cosmos India
:small_orange_diamond:Serej, Ecosystem Development Lead, Cyber~Congress
:small_orange_diamond:Josh, Developer Relations, Tendermint
:small_orange_diamond:Abhitej Singh, Co-fdr, Cosmos India|Community, Persistence
:small_orange_diamond:Band Protocol

Join us on Sunday to #KnowCosmosBetter and interact with the leading projects in Cosmos ecosystem.

Event Details:

:spiral_calendar: April 19
:clock730: 7:30 PM IST
:round_pushpin:Online (Find the zoom link on

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