Cosmos Mainnet Security Advisory Magenta

Recently, a high-severity security vulnerability that impacts all versions of Tendermint was reported to the Tendermint bug bounty program. A patch for the issue, which requires no breaking changes, will be released in versions 0.31.9 and 0.32.5 of Tendermint and in version 0.34.8 of the Cosmos SDK at 6am UTC on Wednesday, October 2.

The Tendermint team encourages all validators and service providers on Tendermint-powered networks to prepare to update their software to the latest, most secure version as quickly as possible as this update becomes available.


Hello, Please when drop the soft upgrade, link some guide , how to upgrade, bc like cant test on testnet
13006 before, best way in this situation to validators upgrade without issues is get official instructions for update. thanks

Here is update