Do we need a Relay / Sentry server for a Validator? What is the Cosmos recommended architecture setup?


I am new to Cosmos network.
I read the docs and I would like to setup a validator.
However I would like to know if for a Cosmos Validator we need to employ a setup which requires a Sentry / Relay computer.
I have seen other cryptocurrencies setups require a sentry / relay computer in order that the node producer is never connected to the internet.
I could not find any reference in the Cosmos docs that a Sentry / Relay is required.

I would appreciate if someone has some time to clarify this for me.
Please receive my thanks in advance.

All the best,


Seems to me that people thoughts on the right approach vary from chain to chain and from validator to validator. On Gaia, seems like the norm is a setup that involves 3 sentries that sit in front of one validator, and for the validation itself to be hidden from the rest of the network by speaking only to the sentries.