Error trying to join mainnet "Connection failed @ recvRoutine"

Hello Cosmos forum, I am trying to join mainnet and getting the above-referenced error and also MConnection flush failed.

Any ideas what I can try?

gaiad version = 0.34.10
go version 1.13.4

Thank you!

I think the peer has changed, and you should try another peer.

In my config.toml:

seeds = “7dc61093cc279be6447db7db3dc5b1534242fe41@,1e63e84945837b026f596ed8ae68708783d04ad4@,a4396a9d621dad287124da4f8861bd8d5fd99a69@”

And no persistent peers.

Are there other seeds or persistent peers I should try?

You could try to run TenderSeed util to discover more peers.

You could also try adding "86baf5a5f19fb3ab0b77ad93f4bac482cf7e3cbc@" to your persistent peers config. If pex=true`, you should be able to discover more peers once the connection to the above node is established.

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Connection to that peer was successful. The node is syncing now. Thanks!!

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