Forum moderation policy

Role of moderators

As moderators, our job is to make the discussion posts in this forum easy to follow, understand, and amenable to questions and any other types of feedback. To make this possible, we will:

  • Format, edit, and categorize posts;
  • Standardize titles and tags;
  • Monitor and approve new posts; and
  • Archive posts.
  • Enforce the Code of Conduct as defined in the Gaia repo.

Scope of edits

  • Content of posts will not be changed.
  • Post titles may be edited to follow naming conventions.
  • Minimal edits to posts may occur for formatting and clarity, and significant formatting or editing changes will not be made without consent of OP.
  • Tags and/or categories of posts may be edited if they are missing or noticeably inaccurate.
  • Off-topic posts will be flagged or archived, and Mods will comment on the post to suggest OP take the discussion elsewhere.

:warning: WARNING :warning:

  • Moderators and staff will never DM you first.
  • Moderators and staff will never ask for your seed phrase.
  • Moderators and staff will never invite you to any airdrop.
  • Beware of scammers masquerading as ‘Cosmos Support’!