Governance docs now at

In the governance repo there have been discussions on refining the documentation and processes for drafting and sharing proposals before they are voted on. In particular to focus energy on a single source of truth and reduce the # of surfaces to attend to and maintain.

From that discussion we recently merged the Governance repo into the Gaia repo. To be clear: the process to create a proposal and put it to an on-chain vote hasn’t changed. However as a result of this merge, governance documentation is now part of the hub docs :tada::tada::tada::

The governance github repo will be archived and all open issues have been transferred, so no history will be lost. We’ll continue to clean up the docs and hopefully proposing improved processes in the next while.

The gov docs now live here:

and current governance process and documentation issues are here:

Would love to hear thoughts and any feedback around how to keep improving governance documentation! You can respond here or file an issue on github :rocket: