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I’m not a conformist to long-form verbosesness if not necessary - like writing a Phd level white paper or technical specification. Lord knows some of the subjects I’m floating require both the level of focus and attention to detail of a Phd trained practitioner.

I’m tightrope walking about 3 pretty seeming significant ideas right now - 2 less technical and challenging and 1 that demands all my focus to excel in. I have yet to give that 1 the proper level of attention that it deserves.

Here’re the 3:

  1. Analog businesses people can collaborate in sub-dao like orgs, possibly doing cross-promotion for IBC solutions or otherwise.

Currently looking into BIM 360 AR/VR solutions to satisfy this technical implementation so as not to be geo-fenced, but geo-centric.

Other places I’ve discussed this:

What is the general consensus in investing in businesses other than online blockchain apps? I think there is a huge opportunity to build DAO businesses that are more in the manual labor / robotic and automation sectors with a management structure.

  • Construction
  • Lawn Care
  • Window Cleaning
  • Mobility
  • Farming

And the kinds of collabs that can be done with chains like Regen and other businesses in this sector.

…there are others.

There is obviously business development work and overhead associated, salaries for management team ect… with this strategy, but profit sharing and experimenting with this strategy would be an interesting social experiment. Part of the business development could include contacting businesses already established and investing in autonomous equipment with legal agreements on what the profit-sharing structure would look like.

  1. The ISO standardizations - self-explanatory
    Other places I’ve discussed this.
    ISO Standardization - Conversation - Cosmos Hub Forum
  2. Comsos Improvements - It takes time to build a thorough understanding of any tech stack - especially when seeking to modify core functionality.

I have a lot to say on #3, but it’s not the low hanging fruit as a solo developer. I have a hunch about an implementation, but the design requirements for what I would deem satisfactory would be - quantum secure, privacy enabled, ephemeral and massively scalable. Filecoin has DAG Jose for encrypted data. Cosmos Blockchains are IPLD specified. I can paper napkin diagram the overall components - that’s a start.

Whose up for exploring paper napkin diagram ideas? The jist of it is a module that has a Kafka connector - all the ephemeral nodes are the source, and the sink - the place those ephemeral nodes write to - would ultimately be the root chain.

There could be an algorithmic ordering as a middleware between the injestion of all the ephemeral nodes and the output of all the blocks from all the data from all the nodes being ordered. After all those transactions are ordered submitting a transaction to the root chain preserves the process ordering of all the ephemeral nodes.

CometBFT API endpoints:

Endpoints that require arguments:

For those wondering how you checkpoint blocks from a layer two to a layer one the API above retrieves the blocks - every 50 or 100 or so, all those blocks are hashed, and we send the hash of all the combined data and checkpoint it into the chain. - from my understanding. I’ve never seen the function to accomplish this, but based on what I’ve read I would write a function that generally follows this process. A fraud proof would be a function that fetches those blocks, runs the same hash function and checks it against the hash of what’s been checkpointed into the chain. Again - I’ve never written a fraud proof function, but that’s how I would reason that process.

What Larry’s building could be the VM ephemeral nodes that spin up??? cwsoftware123

Having feedback from someone with Kafka expertise would be useful. I’m sure as a research subject those that have expertise in cosmos and tendermint, this particular usecase is an interesting approach and I suspect will require more fine grained details and research, but on the surface this seems very viable.

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Dream team exploring this approach:

  1. Competent Core Stack Cosmos Devs
  2. Competent IPC Core Stack Filecoin Devs
  3. Competent Kafka Devs - that possibly work for Microsoft where alignment with World Coin and any Ai functionality could be thoroughly evaluated and explored

The middleware part were the algorithmic ordering takes place would probably be an elastic search data lake.

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