Hello I am Xeno

Hello! I will be short and expeditive I do not have much concentration. In fall 2009 my consciousness was taken off my mind and I was thinking not physical but still trapped in my body. I was somewhere else and I could feel the world and an inconditional love then on my computer remote controling my body from somewhere else inside of me, a different world that seems to be more than I tghought could be possible. I had a chat with two people saying they are aliens and they claimed to be my parents. They told me I am a cosmic larva! O.o

So after that a bunch of hard things happened to me and I was seriously strucked down by some forces just like if something in the world was trying to get rid of me but I survived and recently I started to get better. A lot of weird experiences occured in my life making me suspecting a lot of people around me to hide the truth and lie about my reality… So now after I realised that I have feelings that comes from the world around me that I can sense and that I was told I am cosmic well… I am trying to get answers you know and the name of the forum let me know that someone here knows about cosmic being??

Well thanks for reading!


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