How Do You Deal With Impersonators?

From my understanding there’s no restriction on the name/homepage url for registration of validator. How do you deal with validators trying to impersonate other people/companies?

This is obviously a dangerous and malicious behavior. The burden of prove lies on the affected party that needs to raise an awareness with a verifiable proofs to convince others to potentially censor bad peer.

I believe Cosmos SDK utilizes the --indentity flag to verify each validator’s identity. While anyone could spin up a validator node with the same name/website, validators can allow to verification by linking official channels (Twitter, Telegram, etc) with a Keybase identity.

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Solana demands validator to put its validator key in the keybase folder.
By doing this, public can ensure the right mapping between keybase identity and validator key.
(two way authentication)

Same thing can be done by uploading Cosmos validator operator address in the keybase folder.

Like below example:

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