How to decide which zone to connect to cosmos-hub[ibc & dex]

Hi, all.

I read the articles below and hit upon 2 questions.
cosmos/ at master · cosmos/cosmos · GitHub
An Update on the Plans for a Cosmos DEX - Tendermint - Medium

When IBC module is released, how to decide which zone to connect to cosmos-hub? can any zone connect to hub[A]? or is there any voting before accepting the new zone connecting to cosmos hub[B]?

In the former case, i’m afraid there will be too many projects connected to cosmos-hub and cosmos-hub will be mess up with multiple assets from other zones. In the latter case, i’m curious about the criteria how to decide the zone is good enough to connect or not.

Will Cosmos hub implement DEX module or instead will DEX zone be created outside cosmos hub?

I’m not sure cosmos DEX will be implemented as DEX zone separately from cosmos hub or will be implemented as one of the module functions on cosmos hub. And If DEX application will be build alone, who will be the validators of that zone and how?

I was fascinated by this project, so i really want to know the whole structure of IBC and DEX protocol. I’d appreciate it if someone answers my questions!



I think this is very good question. I really want to know about these topics, too. The way we decide which token should get listed on Cosmos Dex is really important. If we choose a token by voting ATOM, ATOM works as Dex governance token, but if any token can get listed on Cosmos Dex, so many scam token will get listed.